Jenz Yogalates holds Fire Stretch Session to raise money for NSW Rural Fire Service

This summer's fire season has now settled but the devastating effects will be felt for a long time to come.

As we watched the unfolding drama of the catastrophic fires, Jenz Yogalates owner Jen Harris and her daughter Ella-J rallied the troops to raise what they could to support our volunteer firefighters.

The ladies held a Fire Stretch Session in early January at the Parkes High School hall, raising $1611 for the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Ella said she awoke, as millions of others did, to devastating scenes of the seemingly never ending fires that were spread throughout Australia.

"I read continual comments, blaming the government and people in power stating they're simply not doing enough to assist with the natural disaster," Ella said.

"I listened to people debating climate change, attacking each other, which is the result of privileged people who think they know better.

"I saw the media bring the Indigenous people's knowledge of the land and how to care for nature to light.

"I witnessed thousands of people talking, debating and discussing online, and I couldn't help but wonder, how many people are actually doing something?

"I felt a sense of guilt, as I sat in my air conditioned home, surrounded by my family, with a belly full of food, knowing a couple of hours away from me, fellow Australians were fighting for their homes, their lives!

"Thousands have lost absolutely everything.

"We needed to bind together more than ever as we watched our country burn."

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