Parkes Champion-Post
The Parkes Champion Post has a very proud and long history servicing the Parkes Shire since 1891.

Published weekly, the Champion Post keeps the 15,000 residents of Parkes and surrounding townships of Peak Hill, Alectown, Trundle, Tullamore and Bogan Gate well informed about the local happenings in the district. It’s a vibrant shire with strong mining, agriculture and sporting sectors, and a story around every corner.

Community issues and sharing stories of local people, places and achievements that move us are at the centre of the Champion Post team. Throw a music festival or two that celebrate The King in Elvis Presley and the greatest pop band of all time, ABBA; four agricultural shows a year; a radio telescope that really is in the middle of a sheep paddock; and many more events, into the mix and you have a pretty rocking community that we love being part of.

Parkes is literally the crossroads of the nation, strategically situated on the major east-west rail corridor and on the Newell Highway, 365km from Sydney, 995km from Brisbane, 1,067km from Adelaide and 306km from Canberra.

Parkes is named after the Father of Federation, Sir Henry Parkes.