Parkes PCYC is renovating its main hall with help from the community

In a brilliant display of community spirit and team work, more than 60 volunteers have given up their time to help renovate the Parkes PCYC.

Amounting to half a million dollars of work, the PCYC is getting a makeover which includes a new synthetic floor, permanent safety netting, new lighting, sound system, spring floor for gymnastics and a new paint job.

It all officially began last March when the PCYC received $28,000 in state funding to upgrade its reception area and offices, which is now complete and looking fresh and modern.

The club has also upgraded its toilets and shower facilities.

With this new round of funding the club has secured, preparation work for the major renovations began on December 9 with volunteers helping to empty the hall, moving chairs and equipment.

Northparkes Mines staff gave up their time two days later to help cut up the old, original floor.

By that weekend, December 14, about 25 volunteers from the Parkes Spacemen Rugby League Club - including club coach Brent Wood, president Joe Spicer and junior vice president Dougy Clarke - arrived to pack up and dispose of the floor pieces.

While the boys were hard at work, a Rotary volunteer was busy in the kitchen making sure they were well fed with sausage sandwiches, kindly donated from Woolworths.

Once the floor was removed, the hall needed to be swept and cleaned in preparation for the arrival of the new synthetic floor which is expected to arrive today, January 2.

Parkes PCYC manager Tim Watts is excited to see the renovations slowly taking shape and very proud that members of the community are coming together to help get the job done.

"We have about 60 volunteers, who include gymnastic parents and staff, our PCYC committee, Northparkes Mines, SES, Rotary and the Spacemen," he said.

"We usually close over the Christmas period anyway but the renovations won't impact our PCYC operations.

"Hopefully the majority of the work will be finished before the start of Term 1 of school, fingers crossed."

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Parkes PCYC renovations

Spacemen president Joe Spicer said the PCYC renovations is the second community project their club has been involved in and it's something they'd like to do more often.

"We at least try to do something like this once or twice a year to thank the community for their support of the club," he said.

"It's also good for our young players, they get a sense of who they're playing for.

"That's been good for them over the last 12 months."

Once the new floor is installed, there will be one basketball court, leaving the other half of the floor for gymnastics which accommodates more than 180 children.


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