Scenes from one of the Central West Car Club's regular street meets

The Parkes-based Central West Car Club hosts regular street meets in the Parkes Coles carpark in Clarinda Street on a Friday night.

The street meet occurs on the second Friday of each month from 6.30pm - 9pm and it's a chance for car enthusiasts to get together with their vehicles.

Last month's gathering took place on July 10, and pictured above are some of the scenes of the get-together.

Members meet on the first Wednesday of the month at the Parkes Leagues Club at 7.30pm and people are free to join them at 6.30-7pm for a social dinner beforehand.

The club runs a weekly article in the Parkes Champion Post, showcasing its members, their vehicles and the story behind them, thanks to contributor and member Jeff McClurg.

You can check out his latest stories:

To stay up-to-date with the club's happenings and street meets, follow them on Facebook or their website.

The Central West Car Club was formed in 1954 following a meeting of people from all walks of life who shared a common interest in racing high-powered vehicles.

They included dentists Geoff Brown and Alan Threlfo, car salesmen Ken and Allan Miller, banker Wal Horler, BP representative Alex Venn, auto-electrician Gary Wilson and many others such as Henry Jones from Forbes, Eston White and Alf Head.