Parkes junior cricket | Dubbo Blue too strong for gallant Parkes under 12s

UNDER 10S: Patrick Skinner looked very focused while batting for the Parkes Raptors in a game earlier this month against the Parkes Cats.
UNDER 10S: Patrick Skinner looked very focused while batting for the Parkes Raptors in a game earlier this month against the Parkes Cats.

Results of games played Friday, November 22 and Saturday, November 23.

Under 17s

Parkes Colts 7/127 (Joseph Tanswell 26 n.o, Jack Milne 26, Liam Moody 2/7, Jacob Chambers 2/8, best fielder - Liam Moody) defeated Parkes Cats 10/103 (Hunter Hawke 21 n.o and 3/8, Harrison McGregor 16, Maddy Spence 15, Artie Watt 1/5, Ryan Mackenzie 1/5, best fielders - Harry Bayliss and Geordie Duncan).

Forbes Achesons 106 (Brady Nicholls 22, Luke McDean 12, Clinton Hooper 2/3, Pat Cormie 1/5, best fielders - Isaac Sly and Sam Bryant) defeated Forbes Engineering 98 (Tallis Hurford 19, Campbell Ruby 16, Amy Maslin 1/4, Brad Matiske 1/5, best fielders - Jack Whitty and Angus Turner).

Condobolin had the bye.

Under 14s

Forbes Bernardis 3/110 (Tom Maslin 32 n.o and 1/6, Ollie Walker 24 retired, Patrick Ryan 1/4, best fielders - Ollie Walker and Tayte McNamara) defeated Parkes Colts 6/53 (Ellen Dolbel 14, Richard Gaut 7 n.o and 0/7, Jack Milne 1/9, best fielders - Ellen Dolbel and Jake Dunn).

Forbes Livestock 5/130 (Joe Ellison 31 retired, Griffin Jones 22 and 1/3, Riley Goodsell 2/15, best fielders - Harry Whitty and Luke Todd) defeated Parkes Cats 8/80 (Harry Jones 15 and 1/7, Ewan Moody 12 n.o, Harry Kennedy 1/0, best fielders - Zaviar Cheema and Zechariah Pearce).

Forbes KMWL had the bye.

Under 12s

Forbes Ag'N'Vet 5/52 (Maddox Bevan 17, Sterling Francis 13) defeated Parkes Cats 5/49 (Josh Ball 10, Thomas Ball 9 and 3 wickets, Anderson Ball 1 wicket, best fielders - Bill Mahon and Callum Rowbotham).

Parkes Colts 2/81 (Harry Yelland 17 retired, Eamon Moody 11 n.o, Nina Richardson-Bartley 3/15, Henry Kross 1/3, best fielders - Thomas Simpson and Henry Kross) defeated Forbes Sportspower 6/52 (Hamish Nicholson 20, T Livermore 8, Toby Browne 1/5, Mitch Smith 1/10, best fielder - Jackson Browne).

Forbes Adept Plumbing 6/77 (Marcus Hardy 18, Isaac Page 13, Ash Kennedy 2/12, Dempsey O'Connell 1/4, best fielders - Isaac Page and Bryce Tandy) defeated Forbes Hazell & Field 4/65 (Mac Glasson 13, Cameron Gordon 12, Caden Metzeling 10, Lachlan Wallace 3/2, Gus Field 1/9, best fielders - Caden Metzeling and Leroy McNamara).

SAY CHEESE: Under 10 players Quentin Spice and Hughie Orr take a break from batting during a match. Photos: Jenny Kingham

SAY CHEESE: Under 10 players Quentin Spice and Hughie Orr take a break from batting during a match. Photos: Jenny Kingham

Under 10s

Parkes Colts 56 (Jack Dunford 17 and 2/8, best fielder - Billy Dawson) defeated Parkes Crushers 52 (Harry Smede 7, Will Westcott 1/7, best fielder - Corban Cunningham).

Parkes Raptors 63 (Jayden Kuun 10, Jamison Lee 8, Kaleb Schembri 2/8, best fielder - Patrick Skinner) defeated Parkes Cats 50 (Alfie Rosser 7, Ari Albert 0/1, best fielder - Dom Frogley).

Draw for Friday, November 29 and Saturday, November 30. Friday - Game to begin at 6.00pm, players need to be there by 5.45pm.

Under 17s

  • Condobolin versus Parkes Cats at Woodward Oval, Parkes.
  • Saturday - All games to begin at 8.30am, players need to be there by 8.15am.

Under 17

  • Forbes Engineering versus Parkes Colts at South Circle Oval, Forbes.
  • Forbes Achesons have the bye.

Under 14s

  • Parkes Colts versus Parkes Cats at Woodward Oval, Parkes.
  • Forbes KMWL versus Forbes Livestock at Grinstead Oval, Forbes.
  • Forbes Bernardis have the bye.

Under 12s

  • Parkes Colts versus Parkes Cats at Spicer Oval, Parkes.
  • Forbes Adept Plumbing versus Forbes Ag-N-Vet at Botanical Gardens, Forbes.
  • Forbes Hazell and Field versus Forbes Sportspower at Botanical Gardens, Forbes.

Under 10s

  • Parkes Colts versus Parkes Raptors at Keast 2.
  • Parkes Crushers versus Parkes Cats at Keast 1.

Pointscore after games played 23/11/19

3 points = win, 2 points = tie/draw/washout, 1 point = loss, 0 points = forfeit/bye.

Under 17s - Parkes Cats 10, Parkes Colts 9, Forbes Achesons 9,Forbes Engineering 8, Condobolin 4.

Under 14s - Forbes KMWL 10, Forbes Bernardis IGA 10, Parkes Colts 8, Forbes Livestock 8, Parkes Cats 4.

Under 12s - Forbes Adept Plumbing 15, Forbes Hazell & Field 13, Parkes Colts 11, Forbes Ag-N-Vet 9, Forbes Sportspower 7, Parkes Cats 4.

Unders 10s - No point score is kept.

Working with Children Checks: Could all Coaches, Managers and scorers please complete their Working with Children Checks and forward your name, Date of Birth and WWCC number to the association.

Monthly Meeting: Delegates are reminded of the December Monthly Meeting to be held at Parkes Services Club at 7pm on Tuesday, December 3. Please ensure your team is represented so as to avoid the deduction of competition points.

Representative Cricket

Lachlan Cricket Council under 12 Competition

Dubbo Blue too strong for gallant Parkes under 12s

Dubbo Blue 9/197 off 32 overs (Matthew Knight 75 n.o, Brendan Richards 37, Xavier McMullen 19, Eamon Moody 3/29 off 7 overs, Harry Yelland 1/11 off 3 overs, Henry Kross 1/33 off 4 overs) defeated Parkes 10/108 off 26.5 overs (Harry Yelland 32, Boyd Hutchins 17, Thomas Ball 12, Josh Riley 8 n.o, Sam Luck 3/19 off 4 overs, Brendan Richards 2/28 off 4 overs, Harvey Marchant 2/14 off 4 overs, Matthew Knight 1/0 off 1.5 overs, Archie Morgan 2/3 off 3 overs).

Dubbo Blue won the toss and elected to bat. Their early order players found runs hard to come by against a keen Parkes team.

After 15 overs Dubbo Blues score stood at 5/75 after Holly Duncan, Sam Rayner and Harry Yelland all took smart catches and Corey Rowbotham and Thomas Ball both executed excellent run outs.

Dubbo Blues Brendan Richards batted impressively to score 37 runs. After the drinks break Thomas Ball and Eamon Moody recorded two more run outs to have Dubbo Blue in trouble at 7/85.

Dubbo Blues Matthew Knight (75 n.o with 11 fours) played a dominant innings as he and Xavier McMullen (19) added 65 runs for the 8th wicket. Dubbo Blue eventually totalled 9/197 in their allocated 32 overs. Eamon Moody (3/29 off 7 overs), Harry Yelland (1/11 off 3 overs) and Henry Kross (1/33 off 4 overs) were the wicket takers for Parkes.

In reply despite losing 2 early wickets, Parkes made a good recovery as Harry Yalland (32 runs with 6 fours) and Thomas Ball (12 runs) batted with plenty of determination.

Later in the innings young Boyd Hutchins who had earlier performed with credit as the Parkes wicket keeper showed plenty of application to score 17 valuable runs.

Josh Riley (8 n.o with 2 well struck fours) delighted his team mates only to see Parkes all out for 108 in 26.5 overs. Dubbo Blues best bowlers were Sam Luck (3/19), Archie Morgan (2/3), Harvey Marchant (2/14) and Brendan Richards (2/28).

The next Inter-town games for the Parkes under 12s are set down for Sunday, December 8 at Dubbo where Parkes will play two 20/20 games at Lady Cutler 3. The morning game will be against Dubbo White and the afternoon game will be against Wellington. Dubbo District Junior Cricket Association will be putting on a light BBQ lunch for players, coaches and umpires.

Lachlan Cricket Council under 14 Competition: The Parkes under 14 representative team will play Dubbo White in Parkes on Sunday 08/12/19.

By Greg Morrissey OAM