Parkes A Grade women's hockey grand final - Rovers Gold take on Rovers Black

GAME ON: Rovers Black captain Denise Gersbach will look to control the match from the centre of the field for her side. Photo: PHIL BLATCH
GAME ON: Rovers Black captain Denise Gersbach will look to control the match from the centre of the field for her side. Photo: PHIL BLATCH

Local Hockey Grand Final Previews

It will be a big weekend of senior hockey on Saturday with all grades contesting their grand finals.


Rovers Gold versus Rovers Black

It will be a match-up of experience versus youth with Rovers Gold boasting years of experience in grand finals amongst their team members.

Louise Hawken and Cass Hodges will look to dominate the mid-field with Jane Grosvenor and Judy Kross in recent good defensive form at the back.

Rovers Black have speed to burn with Abigail Simpson and Gabby Wright in excellent attacking form up front.

Masters players, Denise Gersbach and Mandy Westcott, will look to guide their young troops around the field on Saturday and will be hoping for a victory for their young side.


Judy Huppatz – safe as a bank in the back line, will tackle anything coming at her, will be a tough one for the attackers to beat.

Jane Grosvenor – fit as a fiddle, with her long stretch and stride, very tough in defence, will lead the team all across the field.

Tracey Chambers – silky skills. Solid in defence and will look to inject herself into attack at any opportunity she gets.

Louise Hawken – a very a tough competitor, strong, reliable everywhere across the field, a play maker and has killer shot on goal.

Susie Mackay – hasn’t played a lot of hockey this year but every time she does it’s like riding a bike. Will tackle anything within reach.

Merryn Field – has made her return to hockey this year like she never left, quick and dangerous from inside the 25.

Cass Hodges – has found her fitness again and with her amazing ball skills will be a danger for the defence.

Louise Edwards – striker who can score from anywhere in the circle, strong on the ball with great ball skills.

Jane Mattiske – will run all day, with her handy stick work, is an asset in attack and will be looking to shut down the opposition’s play makers in the midfield.

Tracey Harrison – returning from injury to play the GF, play maker down the left side of the field, strong on the ball a danger in attack.

Ashleigh Sense – saved Rovers Gold many a game playing up from B grade, strong on the ball and a great asset to the defence.

Natasha Tanks – a weapon in goals, will stop everything all day long.

Alyssa Miller – taking her talent, speed and fitness out of town, will be greatly missed for the GF.

Tara – unavailable also, her play making skills will be a loss to Gold.

Teegan Rodgers – will be running the team from the dugout with her little Rover baking away in the oven.


Gracey Denham-Jones – outstanding young goalkeeper who has been in fantastic form this year. Watch for an incredible splits save this weekend.

Mandy Westcott – strong, solid defender with an amazing tackle and excellent distribution skills. Will leave nothing in the tank at the end of the match.

Georgia Kearney – the most consistent player for Rovers this year. Can play any position on the field with ease. Will be looking to have a big defensive performance on Saturday.

Jacqui Simpson – speed and skill! Jacqui works incredibly hard in defence and is critical to attacking moves down the right side of the field.

Denise Gersbach – captain who will look to control the match from the centre of the field for her side. Is incredibly proud of her young troops and will be doing everything possible to ensure victory.

Lucy Kearney – solid defender who will put her body on the line to break down attacking plays. Tough as nails and will tackle all day.

Wendy Huppatz – Veteran striker who will hassle the defence all day. Great skills and will be looking for a goal when she takes on the defence on Saturday. Look for a jump in the air if she scores!

Gabby Wright – makes her presence felt on the field every weekend with her incredible speed and silky stick-work. Is an integral part of the attacking line up.

Abigail Simpson – an amazing, versatile player who is dominant in both attack and defence. Has been in super form in the circle and will be looking to knock in a couple of goals for her side.

India Draper – sadly this super talented athlete will miss the grand final due to her attendance at an NRL talent camp. Will be sorely missed this weekend.

Lara Piercy – has stepped up to A grade with ease. Incredibly fast and skilful. Will be dangerous in attack.

Georgia Huppatz – another speedy forward who will be hoping to trouble the Gold defensive line-up. Great skills.

Chloe Carty – Exciting young talent who plays with great confidence and enthusiasm on a weekly basis. Has the ability to knock in a goal from anywhere in the circle.


Rovers Gold versus Rovers Black

Rovers Gold have played consistently good hockey all season with Jo-Anne Lyons in incredible form for her side.

Big games are also expected from Lara Piercy, Naomi Bolt and Chloe Carty.

Rovers Black are no strangers to grand final day hockey and will be hoping their big match experience gets them home on Saturday.

Big performances will be required from Tracey Chambers, Abigail Simpson, Sass Tildlsey and Carla Peden to ensure a victory against their fellow club-mates.


Marist versus Star Budgies

Marist have been in excellent form all year and are certainly experienced in Parkes grand finals.

Leanne Miles, Jordan Moody and Justine Morrissey have been playing great hockey this season and will hope to take this form onto the field on Saturday.

Star Budgies have been playing their best hockey in the latter part of the season and are hoping to upset Marist on Saturday.

Lucy Blackstock, Brooke Kelly, Rachael Kelly and Maddison Thomson play an exciting style of hockey and will be game-breakers for Budgies in this big match.

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