Exciting range of events at Parkes Shire Library in August

Parkes Library is holding an exciting range of events during August, something for everyone in community.

Local artist Joseph Bonderaff is exhibiting his pen and ink stipple artwork from July 25 to August 10.

Stippling is an ink drawing technique where you apply tone and texture in small dots, creating very detailed works.

Joseph's exhibit is about not being afraid to speak your mind (regardless of people's misunderstandings) of what you are trying to express and believe to be important.

“We all have anxieties, but for many people anxieties can dominate their whole thought process and life. This artwork is the outlet and healing process for me in a life full of disappointments,” Joseph said.

On Thursday, August 17, at 6pm learn about Wildlife Spotter and help save threatened species and preserve Australia's wildlife!

Parkes Library is calling on the community to do a good turn in the name of science.

With the advent of automated cameras, scientists now have more images than they know what to do with.

'Citizen science' or community-powered research comes to the rescue.

On this special night you will be shown how to use 'Wildlife Spotter' an application being used by people all around Australia as part of the National Science Week celebrations.

Parkes Library is also hosting a special Australian Museum travelling mini-exhibition for National Science Week, August 14 - 20. 

Museum2You funded by the NSW Environmental Trust and looks at the impact of how we live on our planet's future.

It features practical information, handy resources and real Museum specimens that explain how modern human practices are playing a major role in climate change and how sustainable practices and resource management can ensure the long-term welfare of all life on earth.

Cyber safety is the theme of the seminar being held on Thursday, August 24, at 10am.

Using Parkes Shire Library’s online training system Library Officer Dan Fredericks will demonstrate how to surf the Internet, use e-mail and Apps in safety.

This session will give participants a grasp on how to protect themselves when online.

Light morning tea included. RSVP by August 22 on 6861 2309 or library@parkes.nsw.gov.au.

Children, their parents and carers, are asked to come dressed as their favourite book, nursery rhyme or super hero character to Storytime and Rhyme Time during the week of August, 21 - 27 to celebrate Book Week. (Storytime - 23 August, 10.30am, Rhyme Time - 22 August, 10.15am, and 25 August, 11am).

Book Week, Escape to Everywhere, celebrates and promotes Australian children's authors and supports the importance for reading in a child's growth and development.

Parkes Branch Librarian Andrea Lovell encourages the community to visit Parkes Library during August.

“The variety of events at the Library is amazing,” Andrea said.  

“An art exhibit, workshops on cyber safety and citizen science, special story events, and an engaging mini-exhibition that encourages people to take action to protect the planet.

“Please book for the workshops, visit the exhibits anytime the library is open and note the Book Week storytime and rhyme times in your calendar.”