Were you born on the same day as this man?

How different would your life be if you were born somewhere else?

This is the story of one man's journey around the world to meet people born on exactly the same day as him: his Time Twins…

Richard Avis was born on 1 December 1974 in Dumfries, Scotland and lives in London, England. 

With his 30s slipping away, Richard kept asking himself: what have I done with my time? 

What could I have done if things had turned out differently? 

But he realised he wasn't alone; all over the world there are people born on exactly the same day as him.

Three of his old friends - Geoff (historian), Simon (internet entrepreneur), and Stuart (seasoned traveller) - challenged him to meet 40 Time Twins from around the world by the time he’s 40 years old. 

He has set off on a shoestring budget and is currently in New South Wales - and he will be here in Parkes during the Elvis Festival .

The Time Twin Project celebrates the richness of human life: with the same number of days on the planet, what kinds of lives have these people lived? 

What are their greatest achievements? 

Have they been affected by triumph and tragedy? 

Are they successful – and how is that judged in different cultures? 

Does the concept of age change from country to country?

Although all the Time Twins share the same date of birth, they are diverse in ethnicity, gender, religion, occupation and social background.   Some are famous; most are not. 

As well as providing fascinating insights into their lives, the Time Twins act as windows on their countries, cultures, and the events that have shaped them.

To date the team has met a film-maker in New York City; the mayor of an earthquake-stricken town in Italy;a Swedish lawyer and horticulturalist; an English drummer from 'the UK's number one Smiths tribute band'; a Dutch female bodybuilding champion; a Norwegian Olympian; an Irish novelist; an Austrian footballer; a Croatian academic; a Slovenian cultural ambassador and a Latvian marketing executive.. 

The search continues…

Facing a one in 25,000 chance that someone shares exactly the same date of birth, trying to find these people is a challenge. 

Richard will be in Parkes for the Elvis Festival and is hoping to meet Time Twins there while he is enjoying the festival.  

Is there a Time Twin in your audience?

For further information please contact Richard Avis on:


or visit - www.culturpology. com/time-twins

Richard Avis (right) meets Paul Guildea - novelist and Irish Time Twin, who he met in Ireland in 2013.

Richard Avis (right) meets Paul Guildea - novelist and Irish Time Twin, who he met in Ireland in 2013.


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