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Canowindra Balloon Challenge

Former Parkes man and keen photographer Michael Samson attended this year's Canowindra International Balloon Challenge, which ran from April 24 to May 2.

Michael has shared some of his snaps with us from the always spectacular Cabonne Community Glow on the Saturday night of May 1.

The next 30 years

In response to 'Climate, fountains and toilets - readers discuss range of topics', published online on April 28 and in print April 30.

Dear Editor

It's terrific to hear that Boyd Chambers has lived through 80 years on Planet Earth. I'm just hoping that my children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy the same favourable climate.

In the first 10 years of Mr Boyd's life, Australia's average temperature was pretty stable. However, after 1950, there has been a steep and steady upward trend in the average, rising approximately 1.5 degrees Celsius in the last 60 years.

The NSW Climate Impact Profile forecast for the Parkes region is that it will take only another 30 years for the same increase again.

Evaporation is forecast to increase by up to 50 per cent. Like National Party leader, Michael McCormack, Mr Boyd may not care, but those on the land in the Western Region of NSW will be anxious about the viability of the farms they hope to pass on to the next generations.

Ray Peck, Hawthorn, Victoria


Comments on our Facebook page in response to the article 'Talk on the need for a heated pool resurfaces in Parkes', published on May 1.

Somehow Parkes gets all of the funding and yet Forbes is absolutely light years ahead every time. Whether it be landscaping, retail, amenities, investment in the truckstop or just obtaining the "quaint small town feel". I know it's harsh but beyond Cooke Park and the library I have a hard time seeing any net gain. If anything, things are more frightening as they've failed to secure businesses like Target and we continuously have had to wonder if Big W was going to stay afloat. How is this supposed to be the new centre of NSW's rural outback if you can't even keep retail in town? I'm sure the people on council are trying their best.

Autumn Brock

There are so many 'seasonal swimmers' already, making accessibility year-round, would only benefit the community's health and well being! It's something the town should fight for.

Fiona Cations

It would be great! Swimming and water exercise is really beneficial - particularly in the case of rehab after surgery like knee replacements! Plus the health and well-being of just about everyone else!

Bronnie Dean

This is so needed here. It would benefit so many various age groups and allow all water activities to happen all year round. Please make this happen.

Shelley Bishop

The council is too busy concentrating on other projects for the town and not thinking of the things that the town could gain from. Just look how many vacant shops are in the Main Street of town and also vacant blocks not being utilised. That's why people travel out of town to get things.

Ian N Jacqui McGrath

True! ..But I tell you what Ian!!..I have lived in both worser towns than Parkes, especially growing up in Peak Hill, as a child I have seen shops in the main street deteriorate a lot through the 90s, 00s and 10s but actually getting slightly better now in the 2020s. They're working on opening the Carrington Hotel again! In about like a month's time! They're working on Trundle to make a better main street for an Abba Festival, the nature walk renovation in Peak Hill, they just built the performance space in Cooke Park, an upgraded library and now working on to finally get a bypass, compare to other towns that keep adding on the years gone by! Can't blame the councils for everything! I watched them do wonderful jobs to this shire and with retail? I'm sure more new shops will come to town eventually. Who knows what could go into old Target?

Sebastian Sadgrove

Is well and truly, definitely needed! Would be interesting to see how many Parkes residents utilise the heated pool in Forbes. Seems stupid that Parkes is still so backwards and lacks amenities like a heated pool, outdoor water park and activity/ninja park like Forbes does.

Kerry Spence

When I was doing my rehab at the heated pool in Forbes, there was one pensioner who was catching a taxi all the way from Alectown once a week (health permitting) to meet with his physical therapist for hydrotherapy. It's absolutely mind-boggling that we don't have a similar facility here in Parkes.

...Parkes is only going to get bigger with Inland Rail, the Special Activation Precinct and all the other businesses popping up, the main problem is that those in charge are just sitting by waiting instead of putting facilities in place first. Just imagine if we had things like a heated pool, indoor sports centre or even a cinema, how much more we could attract to our town?! We have trouble attracting doctors etc because we lack those amenities that today's life has come accustomed to.

Corrie Barklimore

Parkes could definitely use a heated pool. I was going to Forbes to use their pool for years. It just got too costly with the price of the membership (key) and fuel on top of that.

Denise Biden

Yes! Then we wont have to travel to Forbes all the time... although I'm sure we still will as they have Bunnings and Spotlight, and getting Khub... Parkes only cares about the Elvis Festival or the Inland Rail stuff.

Lisa Turner

I feel Parkes Council needs to do more for the community. Look at Forbes. So many things to do there especially for families. Eg, heated pool, cinema, ninja park etc. We want people to come to this town and stay in this town but there is nothing here. No wonder people move away.

Amie Nelson

Blayney has an excellent centre housing a heated pool, gym and indoor sports centre all in one building. Maybe Parkes should think to do something similar.

Cecily Walters

Definitely. We need to teach our kids water safety and to swim. They advance so well with lessons in summer and then have to have such a big break when the pool is closed. Also so important for rehab and general exercise for so many people.

Kelly Morgan

Absolutely. I've not long moved to the Parkes area. My kids used to swim all year round in Bathurst, now they can only swim for a few months. It sets them back with lessons. Plus general exercise and fun of swimming. Come on Parkes, move with the times and listen to the people.

Tammy Lee

I'm not a big swimmer but considering the number of state level (and national) swimmers our swim club produces each year that are unable to train locally leading up to these huge events, it is incredibly short sighted to write the idea off without completely exploring options. If these kids could train year round they'd be a force to be reckoned with.

Zarna Gould

...For people that have had major surgeries as well as just those that want to stay healthy it would be beneficial. It's a great let down how our town has virtually no facilities apart from a skatepark and nothing really for anyone else but yet council asks us to contribute and support our local communities. That would be great if we had things to support.

Jodie Parker

I think it would be great to be able to have aqua aerobics etc through the winter. I'd come in from Trundle. I'm sure others would too. Go ahead I think.

Rose Leighton

We need one! We want one! Not only for rehab, but for swimming clubs (imagine the young swimmers training all year!), general lap swimmers, aqua aerobics, as well as to support the training programs of winter sports, such as hockey, football etc.

Suzanne Hill

Build it and they will come. The Parkes Swimming Club hear from people every year who DO NOT MOVE TO PARKES because there is no heated pool, especially for their children to keep swimming or learn to swim. Why does the Neighbourhood Centre have to run their water program for older citizens in Forbes during the winter? I support the Council in lots of things they try to do for us but there is just no dedication to see this happen from the Council in this matter.

Barbara Weaver

Our boys attended CHS state swimming champs only being able to get about five training sessions in over the last month, an hour away. This is a psychological disadvantage for our kids who give their all all season to be let down at the last meet is terrible and disheartening.

Sharon Deen-Moody

Parkes Shire Council what can the community do to get this happening? We need a year round heated pool in so many ways for so many people in varying circumstances. What is the next step?

Helen Brewer

Stop discussing it and just DO IT!

Lee Milne

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