Letters | Parkes readers discuss climate, fountains and toilets

Climate, fountains and toilets - readers discuss range of topics | Letters

Climate change

In response to letters ''Parkes on right track' - readers discuss climate partnership', published in the Parkes Champion Post on April 9.

Dear Editor

Oh deary me, don't these academics get their knickers in a knot when an ordinary person like me who has lived through 80 years of climate, disagrees with them.

All the way from Hawthorn, Victoria no less.

However, let me assure Mr Ray Peck that I do agree on one aspect of climate change.

That is, that when the sun goes down for roughly 12 hours, the temperature drops until the following day when it usually rises again.

That is the only climate change to which I subscribe.

Boyd Chambers, Parkes

Fountains in Cooke Park

Dear Editor

Currently Cooke Park has two and a half fountains and waterfalls.

There is the founding one at the entrance, a classic piece of 70s modernist architecture.

The second one in the middle doesn't rock my boat.

It has an imposing black fencing around it to keep kids from falling in the drink and drowning.

It could be a more aesthetic. It has a big rusty box for the pump house which matches the supermax fencing I guess.

The fountain itself seems to be just a pipe sticking out of a lump of concrete with some rocks strewn around it. It could do with a makeover.

Then there is the jewel in the crown. The once fountain dedicated to Clarinda, wife of Henry Parkes.

Clarinda was incredibly prolific when it came to child bearing and popped out 12 kids, and lived to the ripe old age of 74.

Apparently, it had a cupid on top once but that probably has long gone to vandal heaven and is now a garden bed.

I think it would be the icing on the cake to complement the new concert stage and be restored by council.

You can get a cheap one off the shelf as long as it's not a Roman one peeing in the pond... Or make a copy for the middle of Mazoudier Park when Council decides to restore that hidden gem.

Conrad Mill, Parkes

Public toilets

Dear Editor

I visit Parkes quite often and noticed lately the public toilets are disgusting, particularly the toilets in the centre of town.

Perhaps the manager or mayor should have a look, it is not a good look for visitors to what is otherwise a great town.

Lift your game council, it's what you get paid for.

Ken Shaw, Bathurst

Lack of infrastructure

Dear Editor

Many persons have purchased residential lots in Bogan Gate Village, under the belief they would be able to build residences.

After many years of owning vacant land properties, they are selling up having long given up hope, there would ever be the required electrical power supply to the newly purchased lots.

Hard to believe all the exaggerated propaganda the council puts forth re: encouraging people into the area for long term.

Stephen Richards, Bogan Gate