Allan Osborne celebrates milestone with family and friends

Allan Osborne celebrated his 90th birthday on September 7 at Rosedurnate.

Friends and relatives traveled from interstate and local to help celebrate this significant achievement.

Allan was born in Parkes where he spent his working life.

The Osborne family have been an institution in Parkes, from the days his father ran the Parkes generator to supply power to Parkes during World War 2.

Allan worked in Parkes throughout his career carpet laying and later being a salesman to several retails shops, Wemban and Goods and later Retravision.

He married in Parkes to the love of his life Nancy, who became an inseparable partnership giving two children Robyn and Mark.

His love for Nancy was wonderful, with the two of them completing each other.

Nancy passed several years ago, which has been to much sadness.

When asked to comment on Allan's birthday his son Mark commented: " it truly is a remarkable achievement to reach such a milestone. Dad has always been a kind and gentle man, whose love of the family and for his considerable craft skills have left a legacy in the Parkes region.

"His wood work skills are on display at the Parkes Angligan Church and in many Parkes peoples homes, all of our family have wonderful replicas of the Endeavour ship and other discovery sea vessels.

"Dad has been a wonderful father and grandfather and it is such a pleasure to help him celebrate his 90th birthday."

Joining Allan for his day are Allan's sister Joan, his son in law Bruce Baker and family and his son Mark and family, long time friends June and Craig, Milton and Judy and Betty.