Elly Miles gets rose from Matt Agnew on The Bachelor Australia

Love could be in the air for 24-year-old nurse Elly Miles from Parkes, NSW.

She received a rose from Matt Agnew on The Bachelor Australia on Wednesday night's episode.

As an astrophysicist, bachelor Matt is right into science. The pair even struck up a conversation about the Parkes Observatory, as Elly grew up in the country town.

Given the sparks flying on the show, it's fair to say there's chemistry between the pair.

"Elly, when you stepped out of that limo tonight, you took my breath away. You give me butterflies, but at the same time you make me feel very, very relaxed," Matt gushed.

"It feels like we've known each other for a long time. I'm really enjoying getting to know you and I want that to continue because I think there could be something really special here.

"So, Elly, it'd be my pleasure if you would accept this golden ticket to come back and see some wildlife in Melbourne. I'd like to know if you would like to accept this rose?"

Elly's response: "You're very special".

"Thank you. I'm so excited. I'm bloody nervous. But most of all, I'm just really happy that I get to know him a little bit better away from everyone," she said.

"Matt's so much fun. We were smiling a lot and having a bit of a joke around. So that was really nice. That's ticking some of the boxes for me and, you know, hopefully that was doing the same for him."

The bubbly blonde has been talked up as a nice girl in what can sometimes be a bitchy show.

Elly describes herself as "a big softie with a kind heart".

She looks at people in love and wants to feel that for herself.

She's looking for that spark with a man who is family orientated, humble and wants to travel the world while ticking off their bucket-lists together.

She went on the show for an experience.

"You never know where life is going to take you, so if you don't take chances then you're going to stay put and you won't find out," she said.

She also described herself as "enthusiastic, adventurous, happy, outgoing and loyal".

Her ideal partner is someone kind, funny, selfless, loyal and intelligent.

"Someone I can learn from and who learns from me. Supporting each other through both the difficult and happy times. Someone who shares the same love for life as me and who is willing to take chances.

"Someone who my family loves and I love his. Someone who, if they have a dog, that their dog and my dog get along really well. Someone generous, family orientated and humble."

She said her dream date would be "going on an adventure of some kind or being outdoors and doing an activity".

"I find sit-down dinners can put a lot of pressure on you to have conversation flow. A fun activity is always a good option and a good chance to have a bit of banter."

She gave fishing and going to the beach as examples.

"If I let my imagination run wild, a dream date for me would be a day full of outdoor activities like fishing - actually catching heaps of fish - and mud crabbing, then heading off to a beach where we'd cook up our catch in a camp oven. Then spend the evening around the fire, listening to music."