Parkes and District Kennel Club hosts its first agility trial

The Parkes and District Kennel Club held its first agility trial during the first weekend in April and organisers are thrilled with the response.

The aim of the competition is for a handler to direct their dog around a course of different obstacles to assess and enhance their dog's intelligence and ability.

The trial was held over two days with nearly 400 runs completed.

The kennel club has been running agility training for seven years now on Thursdays and Sundays at the club's facility in the Parkes Showground.

Preparations had been underway for months for the trial, including removing fences shelters and establishing lawns required for the trial. The club has also invested in renewing its canteen to aid in fundraising.

The club was looking forward to holding this event for quite a while, and after a successful weekend handing out hundreds of ribbons and many qualifying certificates, they will be looking forward to making it an annual event.

The Parkes and District Kennel Club wishes to thank all of the volunteers, members, judges and competitors for making the long-awaited event become a success. And for anyone interested in joining the fun, check out the Parkes and District Kennel Club Facebook Page.