Parkes Shire Library has selected 10 student ambassadors

From new book releases to exhibitions to holiday programs - if students in Parkes want the lowdown on what's happening at the Parkes Shire Library, these are the faces to turn to.

They are the library's official ambassadors and they are taking on a very important and professional role.

Ten students from Parkes Christian School, Parkes Public School and Middleton Public School will be in regular contact with library staff over email during the next 12 months so they can keep their fellow peers up-to-date on the latest information, events and activities.

"The students will receive personal invitations to events at the library, like exhibitions, and they will be told about new book reviews and school holiday programs, so they can let their peers know what's happening," Parkes Shire Library's Debbie Gould said.

It's all about them getting to know their library, using their library and encouraging their peers to use the library.

Debbie Gould, Parkes Shire Library

"They'll receive emails so it's very professional and business-like.

"They become a Parkes Library representative."

It's all about bridging the gap between schools and libraries.

Parkes Shire Library's acting manager Andrea Lovell first suggested the idea and it was trialled in 2018 with Parkes Christian School.

"We trialled it last year just to see how it would work and that was very successful," Debbie said.

"It gives the ambassadors a greater general knowledge of the library and it allows other students to hear it first from their peers or classmates."

The ambassador program involved an application process and is targeted at Year 5 students in Parkes, with the schools participating approaching it in different ways.

Debbie said some schools are choosing to share the ambassador role among students every term, while others are opting to have the same ambassador throughout the year.

On March 27 students were presented their ambassador badges before being introduced to staff and having a tour of the library.

"It's all about them getting to know their library, using their library and encouraging their peers to use the library," Debbie said.