Touch footy draw


There will be a BBQ running again this week.

This week for AusTouch will be a game.

Once again please ensure you have registered and paid online. If you have registered but not paid you will be able to pay at control.

Could all AusTouch referees please report to the white board for your team and field allocation? 

If you have a whistle please bring it along.

The draw for this week:


F5B, Kinder Surprises v Hurricanes.

F6A, Holy Treasurers v Destroyers

F6B, Kool Kittens v Ninjas


F7A, Midgets v Buffaloes

F7B, Flame Throwers v Crocodiles


F4A, Parkes East Tigers 1 v La Bella Beauties

F4B, Star Brights v Muppets

F5A, Transformers v Eagles

F3A, Slugs v Parkes East Tigers 2



Dunns Divas V Speedy Sparkles – Field 1A (Jackson Hay)

M&Ms V Redbacks – Field 1B (Ben Lovett) *to save both teams having the bye*

Bus Boys V Lightning Strike – Field 2A (Ben Cooper)

Eastenders V Hurricanes – Field 2B (Marty Hennock)

Holy Terrors V The Gronks – Field 3A (Billy Simpson)


Flamingos V Mini Mob – Field 5 (Lucy Kearney)

Cherry Bombs V Purple Penguins – Field 6 (Claire Barber)

Not as smart as some V Pink Turbos – Field 7 (Josh Kearney)

Mabicodzafin V La Bella All Stars – Field 1 (Dylan Huggett)

Kaboom V Signs You See Saints – Field 2 (Cooper Neilsen/Billy Barrott)

Holy Family Rascals V Dominators – Field 4 (Jesse Parker)


BMC V Rejects – Field 1 (Amanda Draper/Ben Cooper)

Pups V All American Rejects – Field 2 (Amy Draper/Billy Simpson)

Left Right Outs V High Rollers – Field 4 (Chris Reynolds/Marty Hennock)

The Alright Guys V Mad Dogs – Field 5 (Jesse Parker/Baedon Dwyer)

Unstoppables V A Good Team – Field 6 (Simon Oliver/Josh Kearney)

Parkes East Gems V Furious Freaks – Field 7 (Lucy Kearney/Billy Burns)


Mixed - Wednesday, November 5


Divas in Blue v Hot steppers Mixed A Grade F1 (Amanda Draper)

NFR v TRANSTANK Mixed D Grade F5 (C Reynolds)

Bad Intentions v Loopy Loppers Mixed B/C Grade F6 (D Huggett/D Cooper)

Massive Shunts v Parkes Hotel Hodors Mixed B/C Grade F7 (N Huggett)


UPPA v The Sherberts Mixed A Grade F1 (C Reynolds)

Middle of the Hill v Bloods Thicker +- Mixed B/C Grade F5 (Amanda Draper)

181Ds v No Eye Deer Mixed D Grade F6 (A Draper)

Golden Eagles v CRM Commando's Mixed B/C Grade F7 (Parkes Hotel Hodors)

Yippee Try Yey & Touch n’ Go Byes

Mens & Womens – Thursday 6th November




Shakas v CW Snappers Mens A Grade F1 (C Reynolds)

GC Goannas v Saints Mens B Grade F4 (Amanda Draper)

Muddled Mob v Macdaddies  Womens F5 (D Cooper)

uppa v Commercial Crabs Mens B Grade F6 (A Draper)

Multiple Scoregasm v Bright Sparks Mens B Grade F7 (N Huggett/D Huggett)


Spot The Dog v Dunn dolphins Mens A Grade F1 (A Draper)

Reunited v Vicious and delicious Womens  F5 (D Cooper)

Commercial Crocs v Terry Bros Mens B Grade F6 (A Draper)

Mackattacks v the muppets Mens B Grade F7 (C Reynolds)  

Sportspower Ball Busters Bye


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