Watch snow fall across Tasmania, Victoria and NSW following rare November weather event

Despite summer's rapid approach, parts of the nation have been blanketed by record-breaking snowfall.

Residents of Hobart in Tasmania shivered through their coldest night since 1953 on Sunday night when the mercury fell to just 2.9 degrees.

Up to 300mm of snow was also dumped over the Huon Valley.

Conversely, it follows the state's record-breaking winter, which saw the warmest daily temperatures in 33 years.

Meanwhile, on the mainland, in Victoria's Grampians region a dusting of snow was visible throughout the weekend and into Monday morning.

In NSW, Charlottes Pass and Perisha Valley received 250mm and a generous springtime blizzard over the weekend.

Conditions remained below the average November temperatures across NSW, Victoria and Tasmania on Monday, but the Bureau of Meterology is not predicting any more snowfalls this week.

The cold front is a result of an Antarctic blast moving in over the east of the nation.

"This is not unusual for November, we have seen times where snow does fall at this time of year but it's not expected weather," said the Bureau of Meteorology's Deb Tabor.