Around the grounds | Bridge, SSAA Smallbore, bowls and Parkrun

RAILWAY BOWLS: Jake Brown (pictured), along with partner Dougie Miller, won the surprise Easter Monday bowls competition that attracted a big field. Photo: Jenny Kingham
RAILWAY BOWLS: Jake Brown (pictured), along with partner Dougie Miller, won the surprise Easter Monday bowls competition that attracted a big field. Photo: Jenny Kingham


The District and Pennants games continue throughout our area, with mixed results showing up. Good effort by all our members.

Congratulations Liz Byrne, runner-up in the District Singles!

Social bowls numbers are down as a result of all the travelling.

Six ladies enjoyed a very close game of triples on Tuesday.

Anne Wright/Lea Orr/Joan Simpson were very pleased with their one-point win over Eileen Bradley/Hilda McPherson/Maureen Baillie.

The greens are in top shape - thanks Ground Control.

Next week several teams are travelling to Canowindra to contest the District Pairs. Good luck everyone.

Happy days to our April Calendar girls, Jan and Marja. Looking hot, straight off the jitterbug dance floor!

Don't forget, Club Singles nominations close next Tuesday at noon. First matches, April 20.

Our club's 100th anniversary dinner is on soon! Saturday, April 17 at 7pm. $50 for a three-course dinner and entertainment by Amitie! Tickets at the club or 123 Tix.

Make up a table and come along! Surely 100 years of bowling is worth celebrating!

Tuesday, April 13 to play social bowls, call the club, 6862 1446, between 9am-9.30am, with play to begin at 10am. Social roster: Julie Green.

Lea Orr


Last Wednesday we had 20 players attend.

Winners were Peter White and Myra Townsend W 17+9. Runners-up Mick Furney and Mal Porter W 16+13. Margins 5,7,9,12&13.

Marble 18 came out so next week jackpot will be $64.

Saturday saw the Parkes Caravans sponsored event with 36 players contesting three games of 8 ends.

Winners were Tony Latter and Marty Fitzpatrick 3 wins + 28, second Neil Riley and Paul Kirwan 2 Wins +19, third Mick Furney and Allan Cameron 2 Wins + 12 and fourth Peter Creith and Lea Tanks 2 Wins +10.

Thanks again to Parkes Caravans for putting on this event.

Easter Monday at short notice, Paul (BUGMAN) Lewin and Phil Barnard put on a day with $200 prize money and pizzas afterwards. The format was two games of 12 ends with 28 bowlers attending, great effort, a full green!

Winners were Dougie Miller and Jake Brown 2 Wins +26, second Paul Kirwan and Allan Curteis 2 Wins +14, third Geoff Leonard and Phil Barnard 2 Wins +11 and fourth Tony Latter and George Greenhalgh 2 Wins +7.

Wednesday we had 22 players with four games of pairs and one of triples.

Winners were Geof Leonard, Mick Furney and Allan Affleck W 22+32. Runners-up Mick Dunn and Allan Curteis W16+10. Margins 4,9,10,11& 32.

Marble 10 came out so Mike Parkes, John Monti, Allan Curteis and Mick Dunn shared $64.

Next week's jackpot will be $22.

In a game of Minor Singles played on Wednesday, Dawn Parker took on Trisha Allen. This was a very close game until Dawn felt ill. Trish winning 24/14 with Dawn pulling out.

Next round of Major Singles to be played by 16/5/21. Next round of Major Pairs to be played by 28/5/21.

Round two of the triples to be played by 13/6/21.

Saturday, April 17 the Sevens will be going to Orange city to play off for the state finals.

Players to on the green by 8.40am. Good luck to them.

A couple of championship games being played this weekend. Saturday Triples: Tony Bright vs Ben McNaughton, Fours: Tony Peisley vs Peter Creith. Sunday: Col Boehm vs John Corcoran. All at 1pm. See you there, TOOT TOOT!

BRIDGE: Working out what to finesse during their games last week were Val Worthington, Jenny Freeman, Laurie Keane and Barbara Hughes. Photo: Submitted

BRIDGE: Working out what to finesse during their games last week were Val Worthington, Jenny Freeman, Laurie Keane and Barbara Hughes. Photo: Submitted


To finesse or not to finesse... that is the question.

Finessing is a great technique by which you can make an extra trick if a high card is held in the right opponent's hand. Some say never to try a finesse unless you must have that extra trick in order to make your contract.

A statistician will tell you that a finesse will work fifty per cent of the time (unless a clue in the bidding suggests otherwise). A bridge player, however, will invariably tell you that their finesses almost never work.

This week's smart players, who knew when to and when not to finesse were:

Tuesday, March 30: Jenny Freeman and Jill Peterson.

Thursday, April 1: Louise Payne and Peter Quin for north/south; Jennifer Calvert and Dawn Phipps for east/west.

If you want to learn about the art of finessing come along to the Parkes Bridge Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm and Mondays at 6.30pm at the Lutheran Church Hall in Currajong Street.

See our page or call Greig Ball 0429 621 712 or Bev Laing 0418 114 826 for more information.

Beth Thomas


Last weekend saw five shooters attend the Deep Lead Shooting Complex on the Back Trundle Road and shoot at ordinary targets at both 25m and 50m for a maximum of 550 points.


Brian Drabsch - 25m 300, 50m 249, total 549.

Ron Cunningham - 25m 300, 50m 246, total 546.

John Davis - 25m 298, 50m 248, total 546.

Terry Townsend - 25m 297, 50m 235, total 542.

Paul Hocking - 294 for 25m only.

Popeye had a little screw loose on the day which has now been corrected. Sometimes a public holiday works but on this occasion it did not.

Out next shoot is at 1pm on Sunday, April 11 and will be an animal target at both ranges.


Northparkes Oval Parkrun Event number 9 results:

Lots of puppies on April 3 at the Northparkes Oval Parkrun.

This week 62 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 28 were first timers and 14 recorded new personal bests.

Congratulations to Glen Wescott, Daryn Tanswell, Chris Reynolds, Alfie Rosser, Scott Goodsell, Jack Greenland, Mitch Roberts, Brenton Hartin, Geoff Cole, Cameron Rosser, Tim Keith, Michelle Allan, Lucia Blyhouwer and Jacquelyn Greenland.

There were also representatives of three different clubs who took part.

The event was made possible by 11 volunteers: Andrew Kingsford-Smith, Ronel van Wyk, Peter Heath, Jenny Short, Margaretha Barnard, Thomas Barker, Ronald Barker, Vicki Barker, Peter Guppy, Angela Bottaro-Porter and John Short.

The male record is held by Keith Macpherson who recorded a time of 16:46 on February 13, 2021 (event number 2).

The female record is held by Jorja Davis who recorded a time of 22:03 on March 27, 2021 (event number 8).

The Age Grade course record is held by Stephen Jackson who recorded 77.07 per cent (21:22) on March 27, 2021 (event number 8).

Northparkes Oval Parkrun started on February 6, 2021. Since then 247 participants have completed 548 Parkruns covering a total distance of 2740 km, including 150 new personal bests. A total of 37 individuals have volunteered 102 times.