Central West Livestock sale sees good run of heavy lambs

Market information provided by MLA's National Livestock Reporting Service

Tuesday's sheep and lamb sale

  • Yarding 16250, down 1050

Lamb numbers lifted and the quality was plainer. Light lambs and trade weights were limited and there was a good run of heavy weights. Extra heavy lambs were not as plentiful and there was not the extremely heavy weights.

Not all the usual buyers were operating in a cheaper market that strengthened as the sale progressed with short skinned lambs holding their value the best.

Light restocking lambs sold from $140 to $177/head. Medium and heavy trade weights were $13 to $19/head cheaper. The long wool lambs falling the most to make from $173 to $186/head, or to average 860c/kg cwt.

Heavy lambs were back $12 to $14 and sold from $191 to $228/head or 820c to 860c/kg cwt on average.

Lambs estimated to weigh 26 to 30kg were $13 softer, making $220 to $250/head to average 840c/kg cwt. Those over 30kg dropped $12 and sold $239 to $285/head.

Merino trades were making from $148 to $198 with heavy weights topping at $230/head. Mutton numbers were similar and quality was a little plainer.

Light sheep $80 to $112/head. Medium weights were $112 to $158 and heavy crossbred ewes $213 to $246/head. Dorper ewes reached $268/head.

NUMBERS LIFTING: This week's sheep and lamb sale saw prices strengthen as the day went on. Photo: Submitted

NUMBERS LIFTING: This week's sheep and lamb sale saw prices strengthen as the day went on. Photo: Submitted

Monday's cattle sale

  • Yarding 919 Change 431

Numbers lifted and the quality was mixed with more secondary cattle offered. Yearlings made up the majority but there was less weight through the sale. Cow numbers jumped to 300 head and there was more restocking activity.

The market sold to a firm to dearer trend. Heavy butcher vealers sold to 451c and weaner heifers made from 430c to 575c/kg.

Medium weight feeders were firm on breed, selling from 420c to 450c/kg. Heavy feeders were dearer on the top end and secondary steers were cheaper. Prices sold from 370c to 462c/kg. Feeder heifers lifted 4c to 7c and sold from 400c to 450c/kg.

Heavy trade steers were 9c dearer making from 370c to 458c and heifers lifted 7c to sell from 365c to 430c/kg. Grown steers were firm, making from 340c to 380c and grown heifers were firm to 5c dearer, to sell from 320c to 350c/kg.

Medium weight 2 score cows were dearer selling from 270c to 292c and the heavy 3 and 4 score cows were firm, making from 285c to 315c/kg. Best bull reached 300c/kg.