Hot competition on the course despite Autumn weather

This week's competition saw a combined total of 114 players participate in the weekly event.

A fantastic result and the Parkes Golf Club (PGC) Board congratulate players on their support for the club in these testing times.

Once again, the course was presented in great playing condition and players were faced with preferred lies on their own fairway only, for the first time for a long period.

This rule is clearly stated at the Proshop and will remain in force until further notice.

Your marker for the event will be the sole adjudicator where clarification on the rough starting or stopping is concerned during the round.

There were two great rounds of 43 in the men's competition with Max Keith defeating Anthony Lock on a countback.

Max playing off a 13 handicap and Anthony off a 14 handicap on the day, both scorched the fairways to finish three stableford points in front of their nearest rivals, an exceptionally good achievement.

It must be the steadying influence of Max's playing partner that has him firing.

With Lockey, it is those many practice rounds that are now bearing fruit.

In the Ladies' event Lyn Davison was in good form to hand in a par stableford round of 36 points to beat home this week's players.

The rare hole in one raised its head as well, with Riall Harrison commencing his round with his on the 11th hole.

I believe it landed gently on the down slope at the back of the bunker and rolled its way up the green and in.

He was in a strong playing group, including Anthony Lock, and was trying to get ahead early.

Well done and he goes on the Honour Board with many fine golfers who have also achieved this rare feat in a competition.

On the other end of the spectrum was our Club Captain who was carving up the course until the turn.

At that point he must have left both his attention span and glasses behind as he managed to hit playing partner Rod Kiley's ball twice on the 2nd 9.

There is no truth to the accusation that Rod had put the exact same markings on the exact same ball.

Ball winners for this week were - Mick Dellaca and John Pearce both on a strong 40 points, Joe Van Opynen 39, Ron Jackson - back from Lake, Riall Harrison, Lyn Davison, Steve Edmonds and Gai Baker on 38.

Denis Howard on 37, Kaye Inglis, John Green, Tony Evans (off the veranda at last), Troy Thomson, Phil Bishop, Mitch McGlashan, Peter Picker, Greg Hofman on 36, Cameron Standen, Adam Ferguson on 35 and Greg Peterson, Robert Lea and Bill Warren on 34.

So once again only 11 players beating the stableford par making both the players and the course winners on the day.

Thanks to the volunteers who are trying their best to keep the course in prime condition, keep up the good work.

A reminder that whilst some restrictions regarding playing group size have been relaxed, there are still overarching rules regarding personal space, group sizes, cart usage and the like, so keep yourself across these changes with the Proshop staff or Board members.

We are enjoying a great run of good weather, course condition and exercise so we cannot have that jeopardised.