Letters | Parkes reader talks about climate crisis and bush fires

Learn the truth about climate crisis and 'let's be brave' to change, says reader

The climate crisis and bush fires

Dear Editor

I despair of the continued misunderstanding of the link between current catastrophic bushfires and climate change when so much non-political, scientific, factual and non-biased information is available.

Very simply, global warming has occurred since industrialisation. Warming has caused changes to natural climate and weather patterns. Climate change in Australia means longer, hotter, drier summers.

Bushfires are started by arsonists, lightening, accidents, power tools, spontaneous combustion. BUT now, they burn hotter, longer and faster because of climate change.

Budget/staff cuts to the NPWS and fire services, and ignorance of Aboriginal land management practices, contribute to an inability to prepare for and fight these mega fires effectively.

Obviously, committing to an emissions free society will not extinguish these bushfires, or those in the near future. But it WILL create a future where mega fires like those still burning, killing thousands of living species (including humans) and destroying communities, will not become a future normal.

Whether Indigenous, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, pagan or atheist, we are custodians of our unique and precious land. I believe Jesus would not have said 'Sit and do nothing, and you shall find God'. I think he would have said 'Get off your butt and act for the good of humanity - there lies your God!'

Everyone must know the truth about the climate crisis, using reliable, unbiased sources based on proof. There's plenty out there. Then let's all work together to make the change that is necessary, whether we like it or not. Let's be brave!

Tracy Dawson, Parkes

Sebastian, our little Elvis

In response to our stories on six-year-old Sebastian Bodiam dancing during the Parkes Elvis Festival to raise money for the people and animals impacted by the bush fires.

Dear Editor

It just goes to show how news has an impact, even on children this young. It's also amazing how a little boy can see a way of helping others.

Margaret Marshall, Parkes

Prayers for town

Dear Editor

My name is Kelly Parkes - yes, we are members of Sir Parkes' family - and I just wanted to let your people know that you have "family" in Canada who are praying for the safety of your town and its people during this crazy fire season.

My heart breaks for all of the people of Australia, and we are especially concerned for Parkes. We have a lot of family history in the museum there, and pray for its survival. My son, Anthony John Parkes, is the last male in the line and we hope to bring him to Parkes one day, as it holds a special place in our hearts. All my love for PARKES!

Kelly, James and Anthony Parkes, Victoria, BC, Canada

Thumbs up

Thumbs up and thanks to ambos Amber and Kevin for professional and reassuring care to a patient this week. Thank you.

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