Letters to the editor | Taxi call centre headache and visitor praises honesty


I have been using taxi services in Parkes for over 30 years and never had any trouble in calling a cab to Bogan Street.

Lately, since the call centre has taken over, I have to spell Bogan and they say "oh Brolgan?" or 'Boylan Street?'

Anyway once they said 'there's no Bogan Street in Parkes' so I said 'well it is in NSW not in America!'

On Tuesday, January 21, I rang for a taxi.

I had to spell it and they were still saying it wrong, so I yelled at them and said 'I want a taxi' and hung up.

I walked to Woolies to let them ring a taxi for me, I am in my late 90s and it took me about 10 minutes.

I am always standing there ready with my money waiting for a taxi and sometimes it never shows up.

The Parkes taxi drivers are wonderful, I've never had any trouble with any of the drivers.

Now I am having a lot of trouble with the new call centre.

Anna De Dobbelaar, Parkes.


I would like to thank Daniel Calabro and Sue Westcott from Central West Funerals for their warmth, care and generosity in regards to helping me organise my mother's funeral on the South Coast in the midst of the recent fires.

Linda Cannon, Parkes.


My wife and I attended the Elvis Festival recently and had a great time.

I am writing today to express my gratitude to a member of the Parkes community.

On Saturday I left my wallet in a taxi. I contacted the company but was assured the wallet had not been found.

I was very pleasantly surprised on Tuesday when I received a call from Peter Charlton of Parkes.

Peter was the driver of the taxi. He had just located the wallet and wanted to return it.

I was thrilled and told him to keep the $70 however he sent the wallet to me in Camden complete with the balance of the funds and contents.

This has once again reinforced to me that the people of Parkes are the friendliest and now clearly the most honest people in NSW.

Today I have sent Peter a THANK YOU and a small reward however I think the community of Parkes should celebrate the general overwhelming goodness of the Parkes community.

I hope that you may be able to celebrate Peter's civil mindedness in some way.

I have written to Mayor Keith today by snail mail suggesting the Mayor could issue a Mayor Minute or other process he deems appropriate.

Lyn and I will surely visit Parkes again.

Yours faithfully

Brian Long, Camden

Dear Editor,

I read with interest the "makeover" of the PCYC as I was on the then committee of what was "The Police Boys Club" in the 1980's. 1983 the club was purchased.

We were all very involved in raising funds to make the alterations and additions, how very exciting we were when the "New beaut " floor was completed and basket ball teams were formed.

By then we had the "Roller-skating " going with large crowds of young people attending.

Very busy times also very exciting for us the working committee.

Thank you for your time and space,

Helen Huntly, Parkes.