Parkes sporting news | Windy conditions, Wednesday there was 16 players in what turned out to be a nice afternoon

Services Golf Club

Today we played a stroke event for the monthly award and putting comp in conjunction with the qualifying rounds of the match plays. Proudly sponsored by the Parkes Services Club which is greatly appreciated.

The Ladies winner today was Lyn Davison.

The Men's winner was Mick Msith with 67 nett.

Runner up on c/b was Phil Smith 67 nett, third was Reg Davison 68 nett and fourth on c/b was Bill Warren 68 nett.

Nearest to the pin for the ladies was Lyn Davison on the fourth and 11th. For the men's fourth R Luyt and 11th Kap.

Lucky card draw myself.

Putting comp was Lyn Davison with 27 putts which is a big difference from her usual 40 putts.

The raffle was supplied by Sue Smith and won by M Wright. Runners up P Wennerbom, R Luyt, B Warren.

Matchplay Qualifiers: P Wennerbom and M Wright

R Luyt and B Warron

D Dziuba and R Davison

T Delmenico and P Smith

Our next event is a stroke for the first round Club Championships, proudly sponsored by Central West Glass which is a great supporter of our club. Thank You.

Raffle by Rob Rea

That's all from the Chook pen til next time


Parkes Bridge Club suddenly found we were without a venue for our games.

Luckily the local M&D Society came to the rescue and have allowed us touse the foyer of their Little Theatre.

Many thanks for this kind offer.

We will play bridge there for the next month while we negotiate for another permanent home.On Monday, November 4 the winners were Tim and Gai Baker with at errific score of 70.24.

Second were Keith Fiedler and Greig Ball 53.67followed by Nancye and Warren Blatch 53.37.

Bev Laing and Anne Berkeley were fourth with 49.80.

We did not play on Tuesday, November 5 as it was Melbourne Cup day and members wished to attend other functions.

We had the first heat of our annual club championship - for the GillRoss Trophy- on Thursday, November 5.

John Quin and Margaret Hawken came first with 68.75 per cent.

Peter Quin and Louise Payne were second with 58.57.

Beth Thomas and Suzie McNamara were third 55.42 followed byRosemary Morris and Beryl Twardy 55 per cent

.Bev Laing and Anne Berkeley won the Monday night game with 59.52. KeithFiedler and Ingrid Stephenson scored 54.76 and Beryl Twardy and BarbaraHughes 52.38.

In fourth place were Tim and Gai Baker 51.19, quite a waybehind their 70 per cent top a week before.

Bridge is a fickle game! Ha Ha!Bev Laing had another win on Tuesday, November 12 when she partnered Nancy Blatch.

Their score was 59.52. Val Boyd and Kevin Robinson were second 55.36 (Kevin, still on crutches after a knee replacement, was let out by his long suffering wife Janice for a game).

Coming third on the day wereBeth Symington and Jenny Freeman 51.79 followed by Keith Fiedler and Suzie McNamara 50.60.

Jenny Freeman

Railway Bowls

Hello Bowlers on Thursday night bowls progressing along with only two weeks to go.

Peter Jobs team versus Tony Latter. Tony Latter 5 and Peter job 2. Greg Howlett versus Geoff Leonard. Geoff 2 and Greg 1. Mick Furney versus Dave Willcockson. Mick 2. Progressive points are Mick Furney 8, Peter Job 4.5, Geoff Leonard 4, Tony latter 4, Greg Howlett 5.5 and Dave Willcockson 0.

Saturday we had seven bowlers for a game of fours with Gene Rapp leading for both sides. Winners were Graham Turner, George Greenhalgh,

Chris Dunn and Gene Rapp W 10+8.

Saturday also saw the final of the fours. Luke Ramsay, Dougie Miller, Luke Cross and Mathew McGrath versus Col Boehm, Mick Furney, Marty Fitzpatrick and Greg Phillips.

What a start with two resting touchers, so after one end it was nil all.

In windy conditions, it was a hard day at the office. Col Boehm's team going on to win 2019 Fours competition.

Wednesday there was 16 players in what turned out to be a nice afternoon.

Winners Col Boehm and Allan Affleck W18+20. Runners up Wally Grant and Rob Clegg W17+6.

The Jackpot did not go off so next week will be $176.

Coming events

Ben McNaughtons Quickshine day November 16. Pairs event must have a a combined handicap of 11 or more for two games of 12 ends with the skip and lead swapping around for the second game.

  • November 17 will be the final of the triples
  • November 24 is Bobby Collins day of triples.
  • November 30 is St Andrews day sponsored by Allan Affleck.
  • December 14 is a presentation day.

Juicy will be taking out the bottom green on November 30 for refurbishment.

So as always, Happy hour 4.30pm to 6.30pm, Members Draw $150 and Joker Draw $550.

Robyns Nest serving meals, come on down the railway and have a great time.

Mick Furney

Women's Bowling 

This week the semi-final of the minor singles was played with Lea Orr defeating Jan McPhee in a great game ending 25 -16. Lea Orr will now play Maureen Miller in the Final on November 19.

Bowlers were battling the wind then the dust as well in social games with

  • Carol Reed, Di Howell, Robyn Morgan defeated Sue Butson, Frances Charlton, Joan Simpson.
  • Merilyn Rodgers, Hilda McPherson, Marja Iffland defeated Kate Keogh, Margaret Hawken, Betsy Johnstone.
  • Chris Curteis, Valmai Westcott, Rosemary Mitchell defeated Kay Craft, Chris Cox, Gwenda Carty.

Winners for the day Lea Orr and Lorraine Baker (marker).

Next week there will be a Trading Table with a Christmas Theme and will be a pick-a-box table.

Please wear a Christmas Shirt and bling.

To play social bowls ring Table Selectors Jan McPhee and Marja Iffland BETWEEN 8.30AM AND 9AM

to start play at 9.30am. Social Kate Keogh.

Lea Orr

Parkes SSAA Sporting Clays

At last months shoot 14 shooters attended the Deep Lead shooting complex. They shot in a 80 target day with two events. The wind was so strong that some clay targets stopped in midair and travelled backwards.

Event one: Sixty targets known rise using six auto clay throwers set at various angles and speeds.

Brett Dean 49, Bryan Rickaby 47, Clinton Duffy 46, David Penberthy, David Tanks and Brian Drabsch 45 each. Jimmy Day and David Wilson 39, Ben Gibson 38, Jeff Charlton 36, John Patrick 35, Dan Morgan 34, Craig Gibson 33, Zac Gibson 24,

Event two: Twenty target twin rise, Craig Gibson and Clinton Duffy 19, Brian Drabsch 18, David Tanks and Bryan Rickaby 17, Ben Gibson and Brett Dean 16, Dan Morgan 13, David Wilson 14, David Penberthy 11, Jimmy Day 12, Jeff Charlton 10, John Patrick 15. Our next shoot is at 1pm Saturday, November 16.

Parkes SSAA Smallbore

Last weekend we saw ten shooters attend the Deep Lead shooting complex and shoot at ordinary targets at both 25 and 50 meters for a maximum of 500 points.

Target Rifles

  • Brian Drabsch 249, 249, 498
  • David Wilson 249, 245, 494
  • Ron Cunningham 248, 243, 491
  • John Davis 248, 242, 490
  • Steve Mitchell 250, 239, 489
  • Terry Townsend 248, 242, 487
  • Jeff Charlton 249, 236, 485
  • Dave Rogan 250 and Wally Rudenko 247 for only 25 meters only.

Field Rifle

  • John Smeaton 246, 236, 482

Our next shot is at 10am Sunday, November 17 and will be in animal target at both ranges.

Brian Drabsch