Make the most of the Open Garden Day

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Labour of love: October 13 is the perfect chance to view some of Parkes' wonderful gardens and chat to the amazing locals who have created them. Photos: Supplied.

Labour of love: October 13 is the perfect chance to view some of Parkes' wonderful gardens and chat to the amazing locals who have created them. Photos: Supplied.

  • GARDEN 1

Quota's plant stall is located here, and the delicious morning tea will be available in this garden where the owner has featured a variety of mosaics. They have created exuberance in a relatively small area complete with a variety of colourful spring annuals and bulbs.

This garden has evolved from cuttings given by friends. The plants and succulents were chosen because of their ability to cope well with our climate and you might even get a glimpse of the collection of antique vehicles.

  • GARDEN 2

This garden will especially inspire seniors who wish to have a smaller garden. Plants compete vigorously for space and attention and visitors will delight in the collection of favourite animals in the back garden. A favourite among the 50 roses is the Princess Diana rose, while other featured plants are liliums, an enormous birds nest fern, various succulents, gardenia and camellias.

  • GARDEN 3

Enjoy lunch in this garden under the shade of the many Chinese elms. The entrance is flanked by an avenue of pecan trees which extends to a driveway edged with saltbush and photinia hedges. This is a sophisticated modern garden with strongly controlled design. It features a paved patio, creating a tranquil haven from heat, and many of the problems of dry inland gardening have been successfully overcome by the plant selection.

  • GARDEN 4

Trees and shrubs become a backdrop for many perennials and varied objects in this garden where the entrance is presided over by displays of farm machinery. An extensive veranda provides shelter for an entertaining area featuring many potted plants.

There is year-round interest in the planting of both exotic and natives that are harmoniously interspersed with decorative items, while artistic garden features made from metal, using recycled materials, hanging bird houses, and a wishing well, which are carefully are set among perennials.

  • GARDEN 5

Once an almond orchard and now sheltered by a towering stand of pines, this garden displays the creative flair of the owners. A room size cactus area surrounded by a box hedge, just inside the entrance, leads the visitor on to an exceptional garden of immaculate beds containing annuals, vegetables, herbs, climbers and roses.

It displays the dedication and on-going enthusiasm of the owners. Trees include a Boab, Golden Rain, Silk, Gleditsia, London Plane, and Crepe Myrtles, and don't forget to ask the owners about their water recycling system.

  • GARDEN 6

Many features built by the energetic owners can be found at the rear of this garden including a tower and visitors can ride to the top of the tower by paying a gold coin donation towards Pink Up Parkes which raise funds for the McGrath Foundation. A pool, outdoor dining area and a gym are also features of this delightful property.

Members of the Parkes Quota Club would like to thank the gardeners for opening their gardens and homes to the public, especially in this very difficult time of drought. They also thank the stall holders who contribute to the day with their delightful displays, the visitors who support the event and the Greenparkes Garden and Nursery Centre. A special thank you to the sponsors of this page and all those who contribute in any way help the Quota Club which raises funds which empower women and children, the deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired in our community.