Pambula Rotary Club adopts Trundle and Tullamore | District news

How Pambula Rotary will support Trundle and Tullamore on their upcoming visit

The adopt-a-town relationship between Trundle and the Far South Coast village of Pambula is alive with planning almost completed for the Rotary Club of Pambulas imminent visit.

Phone calls, texts and emails have been flying between Trundle and Pambula since March this year as consultation about activities which Trundle residents will enjoy.

The visit is focusing on lifting the spirits of people in Trundle and surrounding areas.

President of Pambula Rotary David Wriedt said they also want to contribute to fostering an ongoing relationship between the two communities.

The relationship began in 2018 when a small team of Rotarians visited Trundle for three days in November.

During that time they visited the schools, Men's Shed, painted the Trundle Preschool great room, donated gift vouchers for each child in the schools and preschool, and met with the Trundle Progress Association.

"It was important for us to see that Pambula Rotary were serious about their intentions and consider an ongoing relationship that will benefit both communities," Association President Peter Kelly said of the visit.

Pambula Rotary has kept that sentiment as the goal for moving ahead.

The communities of Pambula and Merimbula have been engaged for months in planning.

Recently, the donations received at both communities' monthly markets have been allocated to the Trundle project.

"We will be using the visit to determine where the need is most," past President Lynne Koerbin said.

"Currently, we understand that grain is a priority for farmers and we are investigating how we can support them."

Pambula Rotary is looking forward to the visit. Support for the adopt-a-town relationship is buoyed by the attendance of President of Pambula Rotary, David Wriedt, past President Lynne Koerbin, President elect Liz Bellette-Stubbs, President of Merimbula Rotary Andy Thorpe and President elect Sue Jellis.

Rotarians will be convoying to Trundle on August 8 and plan to arrive in town at 2.50pm.

"We have a little surprise for school children and will give them a quick hello before they leave on their buses," project coordinator Liz Bellette-Stubbs said.

Pambula Rotary has endeavoured to involve all members of the community in their activities.

A dinner is planned for Thursday night at the Trundle Citizens Club which includes local Rotarians and Drought Committee members including Drought Counsellor David Post, Assistant Governor Chris Finkel, Peter Kelly and John Southon, Principal of Trundle Central School.

The Rotarians are keen to meet locals. If anyone would like to attend the dinner and meet the Rotarians, please contact Trundle Citizens Club and add your name to the group.

One of the activities planned for the visit will help Pambula Rotary comprehend the conditions Trundle farmers are facing.

A tour of Col Quade's farm will occur on Friday, August 9.

The Rotarians are keen to see the farm and gather first-hand information about current conditions and future projections.

The Rotarians will also visit Tullamore and meet with Progress Association members.

Trundle Central School will benefit from the Rotarians working bee on this trip.

"It's important that we share our service around the community. We enjoy the mateship of working on a community project and love to see the outcomes of our labour," David Wriedt said.

The Rotarians will paint classrooms and create a 30m long garden. Assistance from a number of school students will help with their efforts and if any members of the community want to help, please come to the school on Saturday, August 10.

Two mechanics will also fix a car donated to the school.

Friday night, August 9 - fun is on the agenda with a karaoke night commencing at 6.30pm at the Trundle Hotel.

Families will also be included at a movie night being held at the Trundle War Memorial Hall on Saturday, August 10.

"People are encouraged to dress up as their favourite character or movie star," Liz Bellette-Stubbs said. Prizes will be given out for costumes and supper is available.

Trundle Golf Club is conducting their annual tournament. A limited number of free spaces are available for people affected by drought.

Pambula Rotary is hoping that people who have not had the opportunity to enjoy some recreation due to the drought will take up the offer and interact with their community.

On Monday, August 11 a meeting will be held with the three principals of schools in Trundle and Tullamore.

Pambula Rotary will be supporting the schools to set up a Sports/Arts Development Fund with money obtained from a Rotary Drought Committee grant.

The purpose of the Fund is to support students who represent the schools in the sports and arts field to apply for coverage of expenses.

"We aim to remove the financial barriers which affects their ability to participate in representative activities," Liz Bellette-Stubbs said.

If you wish to join in the fun - check the list below:

  • Thursday, August 8 - 6.30pm Dinner at Trundle Citizens Club.
  • Friday, August 9 - Pamper day free for women farmers or women in businesses supplying farmers. Book now at Styles Hair and Clothing 0427 927 289 and Beautyful 0407 457 138.
  • Friday, August 9 - Karaoke night at the Trundle Hotel 6.30pm.
  • Saturday, August 10 - Working bee at Trundle Central School 9am.
  • Saturday, August 10 - Pamper day free for women farmers or women in businesses supplying farmers. Book now at Styles Hair and Clothing 0427 927 289 and Beautyful 0407 457 138.
  • Saturday, August 10 - Free movie night at Trundle War Memorial Hall 7pm. First session - children. Later session - family. Supper, lollies and prizes for best costumes available.
  • Saturday, August 10 - Trundle Golf Tournament - free for people affected by drought. Places limited.
  • Sunday, August 11 - Trundle Golf Tournament.

Trundle United Hospitals Auxiliary

United Hospitals Auxiliary Trundle Branch held their annual general meeting on July 15.

The meeting was well attended by members.

The Auxiliary has had a successful year, holding an art show of local artists work and historical photography display.

The day was well supported by the community.

Cake stalls and raffles have been popular fund raisers during the year.

The Auxiliary are most appreciative of the support from the community and staff at the Trundle M.P.S.

All money raised is used for comfort of residents in the M.P.S.

New members are most welcome to our monthly meetings. Contact 0402548245.

- By Gaile Fullerton and Robin Blunden