Parkes sporting news | Winners on day in ladies bowling were Kay and Maureen and runners up Eileen and Audrey.

Patron Parkes Womens Bowling Club Joan Simpson.

Patron Parkes Womens Bowling Club Joan Simpson.

Women's Bowls

In great conditions three games of Pairs and a Triples game were played this week with

  • Hilda McPherson, Marja Iffland defeated Eileen Bradley, Audrey Jones.
  • Lea Orr, Gwenda Carty defeated Lorraine Baker, Flo Riseborough.
  • Kay Craft, Maureen Miller defeated Di Howell, Kim Evans.
  • Frances Charlton, June Burgess, Merilyn Rodgers defeated Jean Kennedy, Heather Harvey, Rosemary Mitchell.

Winners on day Kay and Maureen and runners up Eileen and Audrey.

Club Championship Triples close on July 9 and matches will commence on July 23.

Our CWD Fours team will play in the Districts Playoffs in Orange on July 23.

Our AGM was held this week with the Election of Office Bearers as follows.

President Merilyn Rodgers: Vice President Maureen Miller: Secretary Betsy Johnstone:

Match Committee Kim Evans, Marja Iffland, Brenda Davies.

Selection Committee Audrey Jones, Robyn Morgan, Di Howell.

Committee members Chris Curteis, Jan McPhee, Minnie Riordan, Kay Craft, Lorraine Baker.

Communications Officer Rosemary Mitchell.

Central Western District(CWD) and Canobolas District will be amalgamating early 2020 and we will all be called Central West District.

We have a new Patron of our club with Joan Simpson, who has played bowls at our club and is still playing regularly, for the last 52 years, now our Patron. Congratulations Joan. Joan was presented with her Patrons Badge at our AGM.

To play social bowls ring Table Selectors Gwenda Carty and Rhona Went between 9am-9.30am. Social Isabel Svendsen.

Rosemary Mitchell

Railway Bowls

Hello Bowlers, Saturday, June 29 we had a championship game of fours on a very windy challenging day.

Luke Ramsay, Dougie Miller, Luke Cross and Allan Cameron versus Tony Peisley, Peter Job, Paul Keogh and Lea Tanks (sub ).

Well some days it just doesn't happen and with Lukes team playing too well, they won 27-15.

There were 16 social bowlers also on this windy occasion,Winners with winning 17+13 were Mick Furney and Marty Fitzpatrick.

Runners up Graham Thomson and Allan Curteis W 17+1.

Sunday a game of major triples was played. Ben McNaughton, Tony Bright and Juicy Daley versus Peter Creith, Peter Job and Lea Tanks.

Well Bens team could do no wrong, winning comfortably 24-12.

Wednesday, July 3 we had 16 social bowlers and one game of major triples on a beautiful winters day.

Winners were John Monti and Tony Latter W16+14 , and runners up Jason Gosper and Gene Rapp W 15+8.

Marble two came out with margins of 1,4,8, and 11 it jackpots to $148 next week.

In a very close game of triples which went down to the last end with a huge crowd watching Flippy Fliedner, Mick Furney and Marty Fitzpatrick defeated Colin Boehm, Wally Grant and Clive Stibbard 15- 11.

This was a extremely close game with scores level at several ends.

There are still three games of the first round triples to be played by July 14 get in and play or forfeit.

Geoff Leonard versus Graham Thomson,John Corcoran versus Tony Latter and Mike Phillips versus Steve Frame.

Tony Latters President day on the July 14 get your teams together for a great day and show your support for Tony.

Subs are now past due, so if you want to play bowls please pay them .

Friday happy hour, Raffles, Members, and joker draw as usual.

Robyn in the kitchen doing a fantastic job as well.

So see you at the railway for good times and great company.

Mick Furney

Dragon's Lair

Sunday, June 30 our Members played their June Stroke Event for Trophies supplied by the Parkes Services Club and Raffle from Mr Phil Smith (His Mum likes his Son to be called Mister).

Winner on the day was our newest Member in Nim Dzuba with a great Score of 65 Nett who obviously caught the eye of you know who.

Welcome to the Club Nim your Handicap has now been reduced by seven shots.

Men's Scratch Winner was Phil Bishop.

Ladies Scratch Winner was L. Davison who also collected the Ladies H/Cap Trophy as well.

Runners up in the Main Awards.

Brian Hogan with nett 71 followed by Kap 72 Nett and Dale Stait with 74 Nett on C/Back from three others.

Ladies Nearest the Pin Winners fourth Margaret Hogan and 11th Lyn Davison.

Men's Nearest the Pin Winners first Ray Cabban, fourth Phil Bishop, sixth Dale Stait and 15th Phil Bishop.

Lucky Card Draw won by Tom Delmenico. Bunny Award Winner won by Chris Stait. Putting Award with 28 putts was Robert Rea.

Raffle Winner was Margaret Hogan with Golf Balls going to Dawn and Ian Phipps, Dale Stait and Robert Rea.

Next Week we play a Stableford Event for Ian Phipp's Trophy and Chris Goodie to supply the Raffle.

Go the Dragons.

Ross Smith

Parkes SSAA Smallbore

Last week we saw seven shooters out at the Deep Lead complex. They shot at ordinary target at both 25 and 50 meters for a maximum of 500 points.

Target Rifles

  • David Wilson 250, 248, 498
  • Brain Drabsch 250, 246, 496
  • John Davis 249, 241, 490
  • Steve Mitchell 250, 229, 479
  • Peter Nyman 235, 225, 460

Field Rifles

  • John Smeaton 244, 239, 483

Jeff Winnel shot for practice only. A strong south westerly wind played hell with every one at the 50 meter range.

Out next shoot is at 10am Sunday, July 7 and will be buffalo targets at both ranges.

We have just been given the new electronic reporting computer and printer and had some teething problems with IT. We had to revert back to the old book system.

It is a swipe card system and you will require your membership card each weekend. If you forget and remember your card number there is a way around it.

Technology, unlike the TV commercial us old blokes just hate it, but we will work it out someway. Bring along the grandkids!

Brain Drabsch