Parkes sporting news | Having to resort to dancing on the court to keep warm.


Round 10, and Mother Nature certainly gave us a chilly morning this week with girls having to resort to dancing on the court to keep warm.

It was very entertaining to watch such original dance moves from some of our division two girls. This week also saw for the first time this competition a couple of forfeits with numbers being low in both divisions.

With this in mind, could players please let coaches or Maree/Nic know if you will be away as this will make it easier to organise teams each Saturday.

We would like to thank all of our beautiful girls who sub up every week to help out other divisions run smoothly. Not only do you give up your time you show great sportsmanship towards the teams your involved with.

This weekend will be the last round before our three week break for school holidays. Netball will be back on Saturday, July 27

To all families who are travelling, stay safe on our roads and have a great holiday.

Good luck to the Parkes Representative girls heading off to Sydney next weekend for the NSW Junior State Titles.

Results - Round 9

Division 1: Wildcats forfeited Panthers, Tigers 17 defeated Pumas 13 (MVP: Ally Bush and Kaity Dunford).

Go Division: Panthers forfeited Pumas, Pumas 20 defeated Wildcats 7 (MVP: Ella Donnelly and Phoebe Forbes).

Saturday, June 29 Round 10

Division 1 - 9:30am: Court 1: Panthers versus Tiger (Umpires: Mel Evans and Julia Dunn), Court 3: Wildcats versus Pumas (Umpires: Katie MacDonald and Kasey MacDonald).

Go Division - 10:30am: Court 1: Pumas versus Panthers(Umpires: Paris Neville and Stella Neville), Court 3: Wildcats versus Tigers (Umpires: Mel Evans and Brienna Evans).

Set Division - 09:30am: Court 4

Net Division - 09:30am Court 8

TimeKeepers: 9:30am Parent of Keira Jelbart and 10:30am Parent of holly Leighton.

Lisa Nutley


Our bridge champs Louise Payne and Peter Quin won again last Thursday with a score of 64.29.

They beat Margaret Hawken and John Quin who scored 57.74 and Jill Peterson and Beth Symington 57.14. On the east west side Keith Fiedler and Helen Hall won with a good score of 65.18.

Second were Bev Laing and Beryl Twardy 55.95 and third were Gary Somers and Greig Ball 52.68.Dawn Phipps and Beryl Twardy had a win on Monday 24th June with a score of 59.38.

Second were Gary Somers and Greig Ball 58.33 and third were Keith Fiedler and Helen McQuie 52.08.

Winners on Tuesday, June 25 were Keith Fiedler and Kevin Robinson 60.71 per cent followed by Peter Dearden and Joan Reilly who tied with Margaret Hawken and Bev Laing all on 54.76. In fourth place were Greig Ball and Suzie McNamara 51.19.

Jenny Freeman

Dragon's Lair

Sunday, June 23 the Parkes Services Social Golfers played the second round of their 4BBB Championships with the winners leading from Barrier to Box.

Winners were the Team of Rodney Luyt and Robert Rea with a total of 93 Stableford points withstanding a very late charge from the Team of Chris Stait and a little help from Ross Smith with 90 oints.

Winners on the second round of our Championships was the Team of Chris Stait and Ross Smith with a score of 52 Stableford points.

Runner ups were the Team of Rodney Luyt and Robert Rea with 43 points.

All Trophies were donated by Robert Rea with the Raffle supplied by Glen Goninan.

Ladies Nearest the Pin Winners first Chris Stait picking up the Jackpot of six Balls, fourth Chris Stait and 11th Lyn Davison.

Men's Nearest the Pin Winners first Phil Bishop, sixth Robert Rea and 11th Robert Rea.

Lucky Card Draw won by Bill Warren and Chris Goodie. Bunny Award won by the Cuddly Team of Ray Cabban and Lefty Wright.

Raffle Winner. Dziuba with Golf Balls going to Reg Davison, Lyn Davison and as usual the last two balls going to Mr. Phillip Smith.

Next Week we play our Stroke Monthly Award with our trip away and putting comp played in conjunction. Go the Dragons.

Ross Smith

Railway Bowls

Hello bowlers, last Saturday, June 22 on a very frosty day we had ten bowlers turn out for a game. Winners were Col Boehm and Clive Stibbard W 19+27. Runners up Terry Hetherington , Allan Curteis and Dawn Parker W 16+12.

We also had ten members go up to the town club for the Tom Casey pairs tournament. Luke Ramsay and Dougie Miller, Tony Latter and Kevin Hynds (2ws), Peter Creith and Graham Thomson (2ws), Mick Furney and Brian Hampton (3ws), John Corcoran and Peter Townsend (3ws) and Geoff Leonard and Mike Phillips (3ws ).

Unfortunately three wins did not get a prize so better luck next year. Thank you to the town for a well run two days of bowls. Tuesday saw a championship game of fours played. Mike Phillips, Geoff Leonard, Rod Pritchard and Greg Phillips versus Juicy Daley, Ben McNaughton, A Turner and Steve Torrens did battle.

Well in a close match the green keepers team, Juicy Daley drew away to win 18-11. Well done to all players getting this played ,so to all of our bowlers get in and organise your games as the triples and fours first rounds are to be played by the July 14.

Wednesday, June 26 on a beautiful winters day 24 members graced the green which is running stunningly. A tribute to the green keepers it is a joy to play on, we are spoilt.

Winners Trish Allen and Allan Curteis W21+25. Runners up Maria Willcockson and Mick Furney W19+19. Terry Clothier won the Stefans haircut. Margins were 2, 5, 7, 10, 19 and 25 and marble 24 came out. So next weeks jackpot will be $132.

SUBS are now due and to payed by the end of the month, thats June 30.

Tonys President Day will be held on July 14. There is a list on the board , get your teams together and show your support for him as the the club wouldn't be successful without him. Friday happy hour, Raffles, members and jackpot draw on usual.

Great reports about Robyns kitchen , her meals have been well received. Get on down to the Railway and have a relaxing time with terrific friends.

Mick Furney

Women's Bowls

Four games of triples were played this week with Betsy Johnstone, Flo Riseborough, Liz Byrne defeated Carla Bishop, Hilda McPherson, Marja Iffland.

Ann Wright, Rosemary Mitchell, Lorraine Baker defeated Jean Kennedy/Eileen Bradley, Laurie Keane, Heather Harvey.

Carol Reed, Valmai Westcott, Gwenda Carty defeated Kay Craft, Frances Charlton, Kim Evans. Di Howell, June Burgess, Cherie Frame defeated Lea Orr, Maureen Miller, Jan McPhee.

Winners for the day Di, June and Cherie. Runners up Kay, Frances and Kim. Raffle winner Lea Orr.

Thanks to Lea for the June birthdays Pavlova!

The CWD Mixed Pairs will be held this Saturday 29th June with Morning Tea at 8.30am. Our AGM will be held July 2 at 1.30pm.

To play social bowls ring Table Selectors Rhona Went and Gwenda Carty 9am to 9.30am. Social Flo Riseborough.

Rosemary Mitchell

Parkes SSAA Smallbore

Last weekend we saw nine shooters attend the Deep Lead shooting complex. They shot at crow targets at both 25 and 50 meters for a maximum of 520 points.

Target Rifles

David Wilson 270, 249, 519

John Davis 270, 249, 519

Brian Drabsch 270, 248, 518

Jeff Charlton 268, 241, 509

Peter Nyman 245, 218, 463

Field Rifles

Ron Cunningham 270, 246, 516

John Smeaton 270, 238, 508

Two shots for practice only. Our next shoot is at 10am Sunday, June 30 and will be at ordinary targets at both rangers. Before you can get a licence you must establish a genuine reason to hold same and the five common ones are, collecting and target shooting but you must be a member of a shooting club, recreational hunting but you must have written permission from a farmer, farming but you can't shoot off your farm on this licence and the last being employment. There are other rare reasons and for these you will have to ring the firearms registry to find out what they are.

Brian Drabsch