Pantherettes record a thrilling win over Cowra in AFL clash

Hallee Lestrange, Katie Hetherington and Korine Coleman in action for the Parkes Pantherettes who recorded a win over Cowra on the weekend.
Hallee Lestrange, Katie Hetherington and Korine Coleman in action for the Parkes Pantherettes who recorded a win over Cowra on the weekend.

After only a fortnight since their last game against Cowra, Parkes came into last Saturday's match seeking another win.

The first strike occurred in the opening minutes, out on the open wing with a dashing kick from Katie "Ronda Rousey" Hetherington which then bounced its way over the forward 50 arc.

It was collected by Korine "Mike Tyson" Coleman who was able to sneak one through for a behind.

After several bouts in the forward 50 of the Panthers and the midfield of the ground, Cowra were able to counteract and score a goal and a behind for the quarter.

Pantherettes had the advantage in the second quarter as the wind was blowing up the Railway Hotel goals.

Sara "Jackie Chan" Callan and Kimberley "Bruce Lee" Bolt used their secret weapon combos to deliver the ball into the forward line.

Amber "Muhammad Ali" L'estrange swarmed in like a fierce bumblebee on multiple occasions, scoring three behinds in quick succession to keep the scoreboard rolling over.

The Pantherettes locked the ball in and kept forcing the ball towards the goal, with Korine Coleman scoring another behind.

Monique "Killer Instinct" Quinn displayed skills as she scooped up the ball after it was forced onto the deck by an uncompleted mark by the opposition and whacked it onto her boot scoring a behind.

After an exhausting first half by both sides, Panthers remained optimistic and proud of all the efforts they've made.

One point the difference and a long way to go still - if they could score some goals with their behinds, Parkes would be well in the game.

Captain Amy Roseby rallied the troops and stated "Some really great work in the back line, make sure you stick to your players, look for shorter kicks against the wind. We're really good at the short kicks and taking the marks, fill the gaps and aim for those sticks!"

Half back Renee "Bring Back The Biff" Massurit brang her 'A' game ensuring the ball wouldn't be in the hands of Cowra's half forwards and gritting her teeth as she tackled them.

As the game wore on and the wind came against the Panthers, no score eventuated and Cowra kicked one goal and one behind, extending their lead to eight points.

One last bout and against the ropes, Parkes adjusted a few positions, with Players player Ashley "Danny Green" Rosser put in the mids.

Ashley ripped in straight away giving the old one, two combo and sticking it to the opposition, providing strong tackles, one on one contested possessions and heavily strong contested marks, as well as kicking to the leading Hallee "Bouncer" Pauley-L'estrange who kicked a behind early in the quarter to put the pressure on and give the Panthers hope of clawing their way back.

The ball managed to poke its way towards Cowra's forward 50 and then the pressure was on the back line and Cowra pounced on the ball and scored a goal.

Parkes then replied from the centre ball up and in the dying minutes a mark was taken by Amy "Red Corner" Roseby about thirty metres out, striking the ball nicely and boom in between the big sticks it went.

Coach Ralph commented "The girls locked the ball in the forward 50 a lot of the game. Cowra had quite a strong backline and stopped the ball from getting in the goals. With a few players out this week and a variety of new players, the girls played their absolute heart out. Great game this week girls."

Parkes 1.7-13 defeated by Cowra 3.2-20

Parkes Panthers vs Bathurst Giants 12.30pm at home.

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