Highlights from Parkes junior matches in rugby league and rugby union

JUNIOR RUGBY UNION: Trophies went to Kalvin Dargin (Player of the Week) and Lockey Harbridge (Toughest on Field).

JUNIOR RUGBY UNION: Trophies went to Kalvin Dargin (Player of the Week) and Lockey Harbridge (Toughest on Field).

Parkes juniors were eager to pull on their footy boots once again on the weekend. Here are some of the highlights from the local matches in junior rugby union and junior rugby league.

Junior rugby union

The under 9's exceeded all expectations. With 13 players including 5 girls and 8 boys in attendance at the Dubbo Roos Gala Day the Parkes Boars took on both Dubbo Roos teams as well as the other local club Dubbo Rhinos.

In only their second week of full contact all players stepped up showing how quickly they have learned.

The first game against Dubbo Roos started like a firecracker with an early big run from a large roos player being cut down by Leni Constable which set the scene for what was to come. Leni Constable just kept going all day plowing through the opposition in all 3 games and scoring 3 hard earned tries. Lockey Harbridge copped a big hit that involved being tripped but showed resilience by taking the penalty tap and making a mighty hit up back at the offending players.

Heath Rathbone just like his father tried to conserve energy before the game by avoiding the warm up runs but exploded on the field showing his strength and experience in the hit ups and ruck work picking up a try for his efforts. Isobelle Hunter in her first game of the season showed that she is up for contact making good tackles and running in 3 tries for the day. Likewise Shaelee Lynch made a strong debut showing good potential running the ball and helping in the rucks. Millie Cox after making two try saving tackles in a row left a large opposition player stunned as she pulled off a bone crunching tackle slamming him into the ground. Harry Rowbotham was the workhorse of the day constantly cleaning out the opposition to secure the ball for his team. Daisy Rice who has a real team mentality also defended well and ran the ball strongly. Kalvin Dargin just stood out running through the opposition or just simply outrunning them after scooping up any loose ball that was available scoring 7 tries throughout the day. Max Macgregor the tackling machine who also scored a try was given the task of securing the left side of the field in defence and did the job perfectly regularly pulling down two or three opposition players single handedly often forcing turnovers of the ball. Liam Strudwick was a big help in the ruck and showed character going back on the field after copping an accidental arm to the neck. Eamon Moody was also reliable in defence lining up the tackles making them all count, Eamon scored a try taking a quick tap and running around the opposition. Ryker Moore made an excellent run through the middle of the opposition carrying a couple players to be pulled up centimeters from the line before Kalvin finished it off.

Although the games are not about winning or scoring the u9's were very proud in achieving their self made goal of winning 3 from 3 games. All three games went try for try and there were no easy wins from the quality opposition.

Trophies went to Kalvin Dargin (Player of the week) and Lockey Harbridge (Toughest on field).

11s report 12/5/19- Dubbo Roos

Game 1 V Dubbo Rebels

The Boars opened the scoring after a series of nice ball control and a couple of strong runs from Fergus and Dom. Sonny capitalised on his teammates hard work with a great darting run from his own half to score.

After some good defensive work the Boars scored the second try via a run down the blind side by Sonny which took the Parkes side into the half time break two-nil up.

Dubbo started the second half strongly with a try. Not to be outdone the Boars soon replied with Dom bursting through a series of tackles to score a try.

The second try of the half came after a run from Zac and Fergus down the right side led before the ball was moved through the hands to end with George on the left wing who scored after the crafty switch of play.

Henry scored the final try of the match after some great cleaning out from Dom.

Win to the boars with the Final score 5-1

Game 2 Boars V Mudgee

Mudgee opened the scoring before Sonny made a full length of the field run to post a swift reply. Mudgee scored their second try by forcing the ball across the line despite some good defensive efforts from Ewan and Matty Skinner. This saw the Boars go into the halftime break 2-1 down.

Parkes opened the second half much better with George finishing the play by posting points. Kyan and Riley had some strong runs, while Eben and Patty pestered the opposition in the ruck and made sure they were involved in some quality clean out to retain possession for their team. Parkes crossed again after stringing together some more quality passing with George again making the opposition pay on the wing following a nice final pass from Ewan.

The Boars were not assured of the win yet with Mudgee tying the game after some bold play including a fine run down the blindside after a scrum on the line.

The restart saw Fergus make a nice run from the kick off and after a few more phases, Fergus's earlier effort was rewarded with what is possibly his first try in Under 11's to win the game for the boars. Final score 4-3 to the Boars.

Game 3 v Emus white

The Boars signalled their intentions from the outset by starting the game on the attack with a strong run by Dom to put our team in good scoring position. A clever pick and drive Bertie which was fed back to Henry to scoot through the gap and post first points.

Parkes put in some solid defensive work to keep Emus in their half and when the ball was next in our possession, sustained pressure and quick passing through the hands resulted in Ewan scoring. Parkes went into the halftime break well on top with the bulk of the first half spent in Parkes attacking zone.

After an affirming half time chat with the coaches the Boars started second half on a roll. Repeated pick and drives from Darcy and some great go forward from Callum put Parkes in prime scoring position and a very determined Bertie found himself within arms-reach of the chalk. He made no mistake reaching out and slamming the ball down.

Driving defence by Dom and Matty in middle and Hayden on edges coupled with some excellent tackling by Callum on sideline briefly shut down Emus attack. However despite these efforts they eventually crossed for their first and only try of the game

Awards winners were Matty Skinner - Toughest on Field and Henry Rice - Player of the Week.

Junior rugby league

Under 7s

Agriwest CRT Under 7s played a great game against the Forbes Magpies last Saturday, with all the boys trying hard. Great defence from Jaxon Clarke set the platform for the other boys to follow. Strong runs from Rory, Fletcher, Matt, David and Andrew had the Maggie's back pedalling. Tries were awarded to Jaxon Clarke, Koby Ward, Ruben, Koan, Reece and Jackson.

Under 12s

K and H Construction played against Forbes in Forbes last Saturday. It was a very close game. Forbes won by two. In the first half our forwards Tyson Curruthers and Kaleb Gould, were strong in defence. Second half saw Marcus Tomlinson and Ryan Whitney continue with strong defence. However the team struggled to contain Forbes players in 10 and 8 jumpers. Half-time score was 22 -6 Forbes way.

Parkes came back in second half and settled into great rhythm taking the lead 26-22. Second rowers Ryan Witney and Jaylin Kelly were outstanding in their defence. Harry Turner and Ryan Cox ensured their side of the try line was protected while Oakley Fliedner protected the other side. Although the boys came back well, unfortunately they went down in the last minute 28 -26. Tries for Parkes were scored by Jack Milne (3), Oakley Fliedner and Caleb Crisp with successful conversion by Jack Milne, Kade Tyehurst and Tyson Carruthers.

Under 14 Blues

Note error in last week's write up Daniel Hando scored his first try of the season off a Bob McEwen offload.

The under 14 blues travelled to Forbes to take on the Forbes Magpies in round 2. The boys found themselves under attack in the opening minutes, with strong defence from Kaid Lydford, Charlie Oraha and Malakai Folau Forbes we're unable to convert to points. The First half seen strong runs from Harmih Turnbull, Charlie Mahon, Jim Osbourne, Kaid Lydford, and Malakai Folau partner with strong defence from Tye Toomey & Ethan Manly kept the 1/2 time score at 22 Parkes Forbes 0. The great attack and defence continued in the 2nd half with our number 7 Bob McEwen steering our team around the field with the boys going on to win the game Parkes 30 Forbes 10. Tries to Kaid Lydford (1) Malakai Folau (2) Charlie Oraha (1) Tye Toomey (2) Bob McEwen (1). Final score Parkes 30 - Forbes 10

Under 14 Whites

Sportspower Under 14 White's came away with a strong win on Saturday against Forbes. First try came with Jay Arrow pushing hard over the line to score. Marley successfully converted creating a 6 nil lead. A lost ball gave Forbes the possession but Dean Robinson, Dustin James applied pressure with solid hits. Parkes gained possession and Mac Rauchle flicked a switch, running nearly full field to score. Marley converted taking the score to 12-0. Defence continued from Ollie Thomas, Caleb Wirth and Toby Cox. Jack Milne and Kane Culston kept their wings safe holding their line. Jay Arrow crossed for his second try and another successful conversion from Marley. Teamwork saw Joe Monk off load during a tackle to Dustin James who put it over the line. Conversion was unsuccessful. Brian Mendoza was next to score.

Second half saw more points as Mac Rauchle pushed players aside to score and Marley converted. Jackson Parker-Lee found a gap running half the field to score and conversion by Marley successful. The boys repeated this with another try to Jackson and conversion to Marley. Final score to Parkes 40 - Forbes 22

Under 16s

Brian Collins Smash Repairs Under 16's played an exciting game against Forbes. Parkes opened the scoring through James Parsons. Jason Wright was next over the line next. Forbes took advantage of a lost Parkes ball and were quickly over the line taking the score to 8-4. Parkes returned in the second half and struggled at first to settle. Benny Herring, Wilson Duffy and Sam Ryan making some good hits, Tyler Yeo proved he should be on the field as he made a try saving tackle. Col Rauchle and Will Tanswell were strong. Continual attack on the Parkes side saw Forbes find a gap and score their second try with a successful conversion. They had the lead 10 - 8. Bayden Moran, Kyle Mawhinney, Dustin Ticehurst and Jayden Pope pushed forward and continual ball passing kept the ball alive as James Parsons went over for his second try. Conversion was unsuccessful. Forbes crowd were on their feet as they intercepted and scored, stealing the lead 16-12. As the pressure built so did the errors but Parkes' Finnley Neilsen scored and Michael Riley converted taking the score to 16 all and three minutes left in the game. As the Parkes line worked hard to score, a perfect play by Michael Riley from dummy half saw him score on the bell followed by a successful conversion from Kyle Mawhinney. Parkes had won, 22-16.