East Timor stories warm the hearts of Parkes Day View Club members

The members of the Day VIEW Club were very pleased to host the March Trivia Night, and we thanked each other for working before and on the night of the event.

We plan to have another Trivia Night in August, and we are looking forward to meet and greet all the folks who will attend it.

Many of the members found that April's Meeting was certainly very challenging emotionally for us.

There was some very distressing stories in some ways, but also very heart-warming as we learned about the Parkes community assisting the folks of East Timor.

Our guest speaker was Bill Shalvey, who spoke about how the community of Parkes has been willing and able to assist the East Timorese.

The country has had a connection with Australia from World War II, helping our soldiers during the invasion of the Japanese there.

Bill explained the modern history of East Timor and how our two countries are connected, using a short video, plus some photos.

Recently, the Parkes community has been filling up many shipping containers with such items as medical equipment, hospital beds, bed linen, towels, equipment used to build water pipelines, plus furniture used in hospitals and schools.

The list is longer, but this is just a few of the items that are shipped to East Timor.

Bill has travelled to East Timor five times.

As he noted, "You can't go to Timor without losing your heart".

You can't go to Timor without losing your heart

Bill Shallvey

After listening to Bill speak, and seeing all the photos of filled up shipping containers, plus the numerous photos of the items in newly refurbished hospitals and schools, it really is understandable how and why a person would lose their heart.

As part of the situation, I think it is important to note that much of the area that the donated items go to have no radio, TV, newspapers, or phones.

Also, the farmers have lost up to 85% of their stock.

As another note, there are many organisations in Parkes that help in this work, including the Shire Council.

Part of the Meeting was also looking forward to the planning of our meetings each month.

As part of our planning for the year's VIEW Club events, we have been discussing our up-coming 50th Birthday in September.

All of which is also involving raising money to sponsor our four Smith Family "Learning for Life" school children, as was the Trivia Night.

We welcome all women to join us, and invite anyone to contact our Secretary Pamela Ward (6863 4552) to book in for the next.

Full details as to time and place will be in the Champion Post at the end of the month.