100% hOPE Ugandan Children’s Choir in Parkes March 3

The 100% Hope Choir is coming from Uganda to Parkes. Photo supplied.
The 100% Hope Choir is coming from Uganda to Parkes. Photo supplied.

Despite being held at gun-point on her first day in Uganda, Aussie school teacher Trishelle Sayuuni (nee Grady) not only stayed, but she became ‘mum’ to hundreds of local children.

And now she's bringing a small group of those children to visit this region.

Trishelle, founder of Aussie charity 100% hOPE, is visiting Parkes with the message: “Never Give Up – no matter how tough life gets!”

The 10 children form the 100% hOPE Ugandan Children’s Choir and are touring from Rockhampton to Melbourne, sharing traditional Acapella African singing, drumming and dancing with Aussie families.

The Choir is hoping to return at the end of their three-month trip with enough funds to finish building their school in hOPE Village, in Mityana, Uganda, which currently ends at Year 4  – including the school’s first ever computer room and assembly hall.

The public are invited to their free concert on Sunday, March 3 at 6pm at Parkes Christian School, 243 Back Trundle Road, Parkes. For details visit www.100-hope.org. A free-will donation will be taken at the end of the concert.

Volunteer Parkes organiser Heidi Field said the choir was both educational and inspiring for Aussie school kids.

“We can’t all go to Africa, but by bringing a bit of Uganda to us, the hOPE Choir is helping our children to see that helping others is not only lots of fun, but really does change lives.”