Parkes sporting news | Grand final for darts competition

Get Ready: This Wednesday sees the triples championships at the Parkes Hotel. Names will be randomly drawn, two males and one female. Names and $5 playing fee to be in by 7pm to start at 7:30pm.

Get Ready: This Wednesday sees the triples championships at the Parkes Hotel. Names will be randomly drawn, two males and one female. Names and $5 playing fee to be in by 7pm to start at 7:30pm.


Big Macs win A grade Grand Final

Big Macs take out the a-grade grand final 4-3 against Top Flights with Brenden Weekes as players player for Big Macs and Keith Rogan for Top Flights. High scores for the night were Brenden Weekes 100. Josh Townsend 140, 120, 2x 100. Paul Lucas 100. Doug Miller 132.

Budgies win B grand Grant Final

Budgies defeated Twist Tops with Jed Whiteman players player for Budgies and Paul Roberts for Twist Tops. High scores on the night were Jed Whiteman 2x 140. Jake Tonkin 100. Paul Roberts 156, 121. Jayden Capple 140, 121, 100. Peter Clegg 100. Thank you to Darrell Bailey and Rob Clegg for scoring the grand finals.

This Wednesday sees the triples championships at the Parkes Hotel. Names will be randomly drawn, two males and one female. Names and $5 playing fee to be in by 7pm to start at 7:30pm.

-by Leah Roberts


With only a few more weeks to go, it’s great to see the improvement and great teamwork in all of our teams who are contesting for those final spots.

Melbourne Cup - Next Tuesday is the Melbourne Cup Day, so if you have been drinking throughout the day and over the limit for driving then you are also over the limit for netball.

We are only concerned for your and other players safety and want everyone to have a great day. If you think you won’t be able to play because of Melbourne Cup festivities, please let your captain know asap.

Can team captains make an effort to ensure enough players and if you think there isn’t enough to take the court (less than 5 players), please notify us as soon as possible so that we have time to let other teams and umpires know.

Player Behaviour - Parkes Netball Association would also like to remind all players to respect our umpires and other players.

Most of our umpires are learning and helping out as team member duties. We are all human and can sometimes miss a call or call something you don’t agree with or understand. Please remember how you treat a young umpire in particular can have a lasting impact.

Any inappropriate behaviour either on the court or from the sideline is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Umpires are often teenagers, committee members and helpers are all volunteers, only human and we are not paying for Australia! Be a positive role model.

Umpiring Duties - Games are not able to commence without umpires. If you don’t umpire as you are allocated you are letting a lot of people down.

Each week is challenging to find umpires available to roster and if people cancel their umpiring duties at late notice, it’s hard for the committee to find a replacement.  

Please check roster each week and if you cannot fulfil your umpiring duty it is YOUR responsibility to find someone to replace you.

Round 7 Results

A grade

Parkes Cellar 25 defeated Inline Panel and Paint 21

Parched A's won via forfeit against Mixed Bunch

B grade

Goal Diggers 17 defeated Game of Throws 11

Queens and Jokers 14 drew  Drama Llamas 14

C grade

Nuffin but Net 18 defeated Sitetrain 10

Loose Ends 13 defeated McGrath Excavtion Cool Cats 14

Platelets 31 defeated Quickshine 14


We Can't Agree 29 defeated  The Railway Hotel 18

Foreigners 26 defeated  Bibalicious 14

Round 8 – Tuesday, November 6

A grade - Court 1

6pm Inline Panel and Paint versus Mixed Bunch (Umpires: Monica Murray and Sarah Smith)

7pm Civil Independence versus "Parched A's" (Umpires:  Larni Ryan and Tara Barber)

BYE - Parkes Cellar

B grade - Court 3

6pm Footy Converts v Drama Llamas (Umpires: Jolie Norman and Michael Rathbone)

7pm Goal Diggers versus Queens and Jokers (Umpires: Amy Roseby and Renee Massurit)

BYE - Game of Throws

C grade

6pm Court 6 - Quickshine versus Loose Ends (Umpires:  Jack McGrath & Carl Ten Cate)

7pm Court 6 - Mcgrath Excavtion Cool Cats versus Sitetrain (Umpires: Brooke Norman & Christina Watson)

7pm Court 7 - Nuffin but Net versus Platelets (Umpires: Abigail Simpson & Jarrod Fletcher)

Ladies - Court 8

6pm Bibalicious versus We Can't Agree (Umpires: Kylie Dunn & Tania Fryer)

7pm The Railway Hotel versus Foreigners (Umpires: Tanya MacGregor and Ally Bush).

Men’s Bowling

Handicap Singles Championship: Two games were played during last week. In the match between Tom Furey and Keith MacRae, Keith won the first two ends to lead 4-0. After four ends he had extended the lead to 7 -2. Tom tried very hard to get back in the match and ten of the next eleven ends were won by a single shot but Keith had opened up a ten shot lead, 17-7, and, after thirty –one ends won the match 25-16.

The other match finished with a similar score line, Gary McPhee getting the better of Col Hayward, 26-15.

Mixed Pairs Championship: In the first round of the championship, three games were played during the week.

Liz Byrne and Col Mudie had a close battle with Brett and Cherie Frame. After six ends, Liz and Col had a four shot lead But Brett and Cherrie scored three shots on the next end to reduce the lead to 8-7. From there on the scores were never more than one or two shots difference. With one end to play Brett and Cherie lead 17-16 and on the last end Liz and Col were holding two shots before Brett played a “bomb” with his last bowl to draw the shot and claim victory 18 – 16.

In another hard fought match, Maree Grant and Tom Furey had a win, 25-14 against Gary McPhee and Lorraine Baker.

Col Hayward and Gwenda Carty had a comfortable win against George Boatswain and Maureen Baille, 27-9.

Social bowls Thursday, November 1: A small field of fourteen players contested two games of Pairs and one of Triples with a couple of wide score lines.

In the closest match Steve Mills and George Bradley were in the match with four ends to play, however, John Dunn and Gordon Dickson ran away with the match winning 26-15.

Arthur Corbett and Mal Porter had a very comfortable win against Keith MacRae and Greg Huggins and in the Triples match John Ward, Ray Jones and Rob Irving were too good for Gary McPhee, Ron Hornery and John Carr. The Jackpot wasn’t won and carries over at $160.

Saturday, November 3: Three games of Pairs were played and one game of Triples.

John Davies and Jim Blake got off to a good start against Geoff Freeman and Martin Tighe but after five ends Geoff and Martin had taken the lead 8-5. Geoff and Martin gradually increased their lead and with two ends to play looked to have a match winning lead of 23-15. However, John and Jim thought otherwise and scored six shots on the second last end to reduce the deficit to two shots but couldn’t continue the good form and went down by one shot on the last end giving the match to Geoff and Martin 24-21.

Garry Carberry and Tom Casey won the first two ends against Brett Frame and Guy Ellery but after five ends Brett and Guy lead 7-3. On the next two ends, Garry and Tom scored a one and a six to take the lead again, 10-7. However, from there on Brett and Guy took control of the match and ran out winners 26-19.

Ray Jones and Rob Irving were too good for Keith MacRae and Joe Crowley winning 21-14 and in the Triples match Arthur Corbett, Bruce Orr and Rob Tinker defeated John Ward, Rhona Went and Gordon Dickson 21-15.

Geoff Freeman and Martin Tighe were the winning rink but could not win the Jackpot and it will roll over to next week.

Twilight Bowls: A disappointing turn out of only ten teams took advantage of a great night for bowls.

The results were:

Golden Girls 13 - 1300 Bugman 8

J&CL 12 – Rebelle 8

Casey Surveying 17 - Central West Glass 4

We Wreck ‘em ‘N’ We Fix ‘em – 14 - Loopy Loppers 7

The Cousins 10- High Rollers 8

Thanks to Bob Riseborough for his help in organising the games and Tom Furey for the great snacks after the game.

Farmers Fundraising Day: The Club would like to thank all of the sponsors and contributors for their generous donations. We would  like to thank the futsal players and supporters for their participation. Also all of the many volunteers who helped make this such a successful day and in particular John Carr. John spent many hours drumming up sponsors and participants and, John, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Total monies raised were $7280 for the day. Greg Townsend won the spider and received two bottles of wine.

Team winners drawn from a hat were as follows: First prize RSL 4x $40 vouchers;  Joe Crowley Col Woods Ian Westcott and Robyn Morgan. Second prize  Parkes Leagues 4x $30 vouchers; Mal Porter  Jim Blake and Dave (major) Johnson. Third prize Quickshine car wash 3x$20 vouchers; Geoff Freeman B Kell and A McDonald. Fourth prize Stephans Haircuts  3x haircuts; Guy Ellery Rob Irving and John Ward.

Raffle Winners. Fuel Vouchers, first $300 fuel voucher supplied by both Shell and Central West funerals at 150 each were won by Buff Lewis. Second 20 litre drum of oil from Ed Frecklington of Oils Plus won by Col Mudie.

Alcohol Raffle: 12 bottles of wine supplied by Parkes Cellars; Brian Freeman. Carton of beer supplied by Parkes Leagues Club ; Leo Heraghty. Meat Raffle $100 meat tray donated by Dwyers Butchery; Brian Freeman. $20 dollar Quickshine Carwash; Brian Freeman.

-by Gary McPhee and the Rookie

Junior Touch

Draw November 7

5.30pm: Ninja Warriors versus Crazy Gorillas – Field 1A (Ben Cooper/Bob McEwen), Kool Kittens versus Little Crackers – Field 1B (Sally Richter/Jorja Simpson), Pug Muddlers versus Fast n Furious – Field 7A (Billy Simpson/Jack Rice), Crushers versus Domin8ors – Field 7B (India Draper/Jasper Moore), Spice Girls, Mean Machines and All Stars have the bye

6.10pm: Gone Silly versus Goat Crew – Field 1 (Bel Crain/Ben Lovett), Cherry Pickers versus The Flatheads – Field 4 (India Draper), Madd Dogz versus Swampys – Field 5 (Ben Cooper/Billy Simpson), La Bella versus The Real Fast and Furious – Field 6 (Chris Reynolds), Pugmuddles versus Gaters – Field 7 (Andy Hardy), Lil Lambies versus Queen Beez – Field 8 (Sally Richter/Michael Riley)

6.50pm: Benchwarmers versus Firebreathing Rubber Duckies – Field 1 (Sue McGrath/Bel Crain), Kaza’s Crew versus Aces – Field 4 (Steve Riley), No Idea versus Burger Hub Ketchups – Field 5 (Chris Reynolds), Vicious but delicious versus Can’t Touch Us – Field 6 (Andy Hardy), Red Hot Chilli Steppers versus Watch Out – Field 7 (India Draper/Sally Richter), Anytime versus Cooka Hills Mob – Field 8 (Ben Lovett) and Good Question have the bye.

Senior Touch

7:30pm: F5 mixed masters versus nuts and jugs (India Draper), F6 we’ll touch ya versus Freddies’ Krugers (Cody Reynolds), F7 Holy Rollers versus Crusaders (Duty Team Cambo Chooks)

8:10pm:F5 Special Wombois versus Commercial Heat seekers (Steve & Michael Riley), F6 Inlink versus Railway Hotel 181Ds (Noel Huggett & Cody Reynolds), F7 Cambo chooks versus Simply Belissima Cambo Pub Rats (India Draper)

Men’s November 8

6:10pm: F5 Nevers Beens versus Coachie Old boys (Cody Reynolds), F6 Pumas 14 versus Parkes Steel Products (Duty Team: Better with age), F7 Cambo versus Bright Sparks (Steve and Michael Riley)

6:50pm: F5 Muffins Stuffers versus Sureway Swoopers (Cody Reynolds), F7 Tune Squad versus Better with age (Noel Huggett)

7:30pm: F6 Saints versus Lick my boots (Noel Huggett), F7 Crocs versus Uncle Daniels (Cody Reynolds)

Women’s November 8

6:10pm: F4 Raywhite Rebels versus YTGB (India Draper)

6:50pm: F6 Cougars verss Clueless (India Draper)

7:30pm: F5 141 Boutique versus Touch down for what (Duty Team: Clueless), Bye - Service Sirens