Parkes Quota Club continues to donate hearing systems for Parkes schools.

The Parkes Quota Club has been busy over the last 12 months fundraising for hearing systems and speech programs for local schools and preschools.

Their latest donation saw a massive $8700 go towards four Redcat sound systems to donate to Middleton Public School, Parkes Public School, Parkes East Public School and Parkes Early Childhood Centre (PECC).

This adds to $2000 that was donated last November and another $2000 donation in March.

It’s all part of Quota’s ongoing program to provide hearing systems in local schools.

“To buy these four systems our club received a grant of $8700 from the Charity Brunch of the Royal Agricultural Society at the Royal Easter Show,” Parkes Quota Club president Miriam Luyt said.

“Raelene Rout travelled to Sydney in March to attend the brunch and gave a presentation to the 200 attendees, explaining the importance of hearing and speech for all children in schools.”

The Charity Brunch, which commenced in 2009, is an annual fundraiser held during the Sydney Royal Easter Show, where the money raised is donated to worthy recipients in regional NSW.

The 2018 brunch attracted the largest attendance to date and more than 100 silent auction items helped to boost the money raised.

The Charity Brunch website is currently displaying a photo of local teacher Judy Elliott demonstrating the use of a hearing system.

See Judy and more information about the Charity Brunch on

Ms Luyt  said these systems amplify and project the teacher’s voice with enhanced voice clarity to benefit all students, regardless of where they are in the classroom.

“Students are less distracted by any noises around them and their concentration and participation are greatly improved,” she said.

“An added benefit is that the teacher has less vocal fatigue.”

In November last year Quota donated $2000 raised from their annual Open Gardens event in October.

The money was given to PECC, which PECC director Lindy Farrant said would be used for the centre’s speech and language program.

All children three years and over are screened for their speech and language.

“If there are any who need further assessment, we refer them to a speech pathologist,” Ms Farrant said.

“The money also funds our part-time early childhood teacher who works with children to support their speech and language development.

“It’s all linked to literacy and social skills, and it’s so crucial.”

Parkes Quota has donated 23 systems (to the value of more than $28,000) to local schools over the past few years.

“We work closely with Ruth Short, hearing and speech itinerant teacher, in deciding where to place the systems in our local schools,” Ms Luyt  said. 

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