An Angel delivers for drought stricken farmers | Video

Drought Angels representative Lou Green with grocery grabber Maddie Hanns and Peter Boschman of Cunningham's IGA.
Drought Angels representative Lou Green with grocery grabber Maddie Hanns and Peter Boschman of Cunningham's IGA.

When Parkes farmer Craig Smith won a grocery grab at Cunningham’s IGA he decided to donate the winnings to the drought appeal.

Peter Boschman of Cunningham's IGA said Craig decided he “wasn’t doing it that tough and nominated us to give it to the rural community”.

“We got in touch with Drought Angels who were quite happy to accept the food,” Mr Boschman said.

“We are the little charity with big hearts, making a difference to every farming family we assist,” Drought Angels says.

Craig’s daughter Maddie Hanns did the grab for him with Lou Green of Drought Angels on hand to accept the trolley full of groceries worth just over $308.

“Originally it was going to be a two minute grab but because of their generosity we’ve added a minute to the occasion,” Mr Boschman said.

“We haven’t done one of these for years and years. It was just because Janine and I have just completed 40 years here in the business we thought let’s do something for the month of July.

“Anyone who made a purchase, their name went into the draw and one of our customers drew out the winner.

“Craig’s name was drawn out, the parents don’t have running shoes so they sent the youth in to do the grab.”

Asked how much he thought the event might cost him Mr Boschman was quick to say “I don’t care, it doesn’t matter”.

A stipulation of the grab was that Maddie could only grab one of everything so she carried out a quick “surveillance” of the store before her three minutes started with her plan to get a good supply of frozen foods and meat.

Besides targeting the meat and frozen foods Maddie said: “I'm going to go for perishables, soups and stuff like that, as many water packs as I can find”.

“That’s the main plan, everything else is auxiliary,” Maddie said.

“If I can get them something nice as well, like desserts, chocolate, there’s definitely going to be chocolate,” Maddie said, also accepted the challenge of filling more than one trolley if possible.

Accepting the groceries on behalf of Drought Angels Lou Green said: “there’s a family in Nevertire, I went and saw them yesterday and they have no food”.

“I took up a loaf of bread and two tins because I didn’t know what they had and they said they were so happy I brought it as it was breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“I’ll be going back up on Thursday doing more farm visits so I’ll be taking this.”

On top of the proceeds from the grocery grab Mr Boschman surprised Ms Green with another $100 worth of groceries donated by the winner of another promotion run through the store.

“That’s amazing,” Ms Green said, before adding that she has travelled more than 2000 kilometres in four days, visiting 30 farmers.