Parkes and District Junior Cricket Association

Going Hard: Davidson's batsman Tristan Ross takes a swing at the ball in an in under 10s match against Lyons .
Going Hard: Davidson's batsman Tristan Ross takes a swing at the ball in an in under 10s match against Lyons .

Under 17s –

Well Played: Geordie Duncan opened the batting for Parkes Waughs in an under 12s match against Parkes Pontings

Well Played: Geordie Duncan opened the batting for Parkes Waughs in an under 12s match against Parkes Pontings

Adept Plumbing 4/61 (J Higgins 13n.o, J Cole 11n.o, Corey Thompson 2/11, J Page 1/6, best fielders  – J Page and Cody Hall) defeated McGraths 6/53 (Jonah Ruzgas 15, Hudson Hawke 9, I Sly 2/6, T Hurford 1/0, best fielders – B Rossiter and J Cole).

Gunns Mensland 129 (, best fielder –) defeated Condobolin 84 (, best fielders –).

Borders had the bye.

Under 14s –

Chappells 100 (Frankland Ross 29, Harry Bayliss 28n.o, Joseph Tanswell 2/10, Wilson Duffy 2/11, best fielders – Ryan Dunford and Royce Simpson) defeated Lillees 72 (Abi Simpson 22n.o, Brody Clarke 21, Harry Bayliss 2/1, Frankland Ross 2/7, best fielders – Hunter Hawke and Frankland Ross).

Hazell and Field 74 (Lachlan Barnes 22, Tom Maslin 13, Doug Irvine 2/4, Campbell Ryan 0/1, best fielders – Jack Priest and Amy Maslin) defeated Frank Spice 67 (Henry Hodges 11, Angus Turner 9, Henry Hodges 3/3, Sam Bryant 1/2, best fielders – Toby Matheson and Jack Whitty).

Under 12s –

Auswest 2/94 (George Field 9n.o, Richard Gaut 1/12, Christian Drew 0/6, best fielders – Harry Kennedy and Richard Gaut) defeated Pontings 2/60 (Geordie Duncan 11, Richard Gaut 8, Charlie Francis 1/5, Patrick Ryan 1/15, best fielders – Joe Ellison and Griffin Jones).

Bernardis IGA 5/62 (Jonah Little 22n.o, Connor Batt 2/4, Jack Milne 2/5, best fielders – Caleb Crisp and Thomas Burkitt) defeated Gilchrist 5/57 (Jack Milne 24, Hugh Chudley 2/3, best fielders – Samuel Motley and Samuel Klinger).

Waughs 4/91 (Harry Jones 50n.o, Maddy Spence 20n.o, Hugh Mackey 1/6, Joe Nicholson 1/8, best fielders – Hugh Whitty and Tate McNamara) defeated Forbes Livestock 6/61 (Hugh Mackey 8, Harry Whitty 7n.op, Harry Jones 3/2, Nathan McCreadie 1/1, best fielders – Ben McDonald and Oliver Westcott).

Under 10s –

Trumpers 160 (Sam Rayner 22 and 1/5, Zavier Cheema 17, Zayn Cheema 12 and 2/2, Aiden Rayner 10 and 2/3) defeated Benauds 89 (Matty Price13 and 1/26, Bailey Price 10).

Davidsons 169 (Triston Ross 35 and 2/8, Cody Newman 36 and 1/7, Sonny McGregor 26) defeated Lyons 82 (Tyson Carruthers 16, Thomas Simpson 8, Caleb Drew 1/23).

Pointscore after games played 4/11/17

3 points = win, 2 points = tie/draw/washout, 1 point = loss, 0 points = forfeit/bye.

  • Under 17s – Gunns Mensland 9, Adept Plumbing 8, Borders 7, McGraths 5, Condobolin 3.
  • Under 14s – Chappells 12, Lillees 8,  Hazell & Field 8, Frank Spice 4.
  • Under 12s – Auswest 12, Waughs 10, Gilchrists 8, Bernardis IGA 8, Forbes Livestock 6, Pontings 4.
  • Unders 10s – No pointscore is kept.

Draw for Saturday 11/11/17

Saturday – all games to begin at 8.45 am, players need to be there by 8.30 am.

Under 17s –

  • Gunns Mensland versus McGraths at South Circle Oval, Forbes.
  • Borders versus Condobolin at Northparkes Oval.
  • Adept Plumbing have the bye.

Under 14s –     

  • Frank Spice versus Chappells at TBC
  • Lillees versus Hazell and Field at Spicer Oval.

Under 12s -     

  • Gilchrists versus Waughs at Keast 2.
  • Bernardis IGA versus Pontings at Botanical Gardens, Forbes.
  • Forbes Livestock versus Auswest at Stephan Field, Forbes.

Under 10s -     

  • Lyons versus Benauds at Holy Family School.
  • Davidsons versus Trumpers at Armstrong Park.

NOTE: With Saturday’s games coinciding with Remembrance Day, it is asked that if games are still in progress at 11am that team managers STOP the games for all players, spectators and officials to observe one minutes silence to respect those who gave their lives for our country.

November Monthly Meeting

Coaches/Managers are reminded of the November Monthly Meeting of PDJCA set down for Monday 13/11/17, 7.00pm at the Star Hotel, Parkes.

Western Zone Inter Council Games at Dubbo

Results of Lachlan versus Macquarie Valley games played November 5.

U14s – Lady Cutler No. 2 ground – 50 overs a side game.

Lachlan 10/177 in 50 overs ( Harry Bayliss 37, Mikey McNamara 26, Tom Roscarel 21, Sam Austin 18, Rohan Wilson 14, Frankland Ross 12n.o, Mac Webster 12, Hugh Ridley 2/22 off 8 overs, Koda Sissian 2/6 off 2 overs, Paddy Nelson 2/47 off 10 overs) defeated Macquarie Valley 10/162 in 49.4 overs (Tom Coady 101, Lawson Shepherd 24, Paddy Nelson 17, Mac Webster 5/19 off 7 overs including a hat trick, Corey Lucas 1/11 off 6.2 overs, Jaxon Greenaway 2/14 off 4 overs, Harry Bayliss 1/27off 7 overs, Mikey McNamara 1/10 off 2 overs, Frankland Ross 0/27 off 10 overs).

This was a top class game of cricket that saw a couple of outstanding individual performances – notably:

Tom Coady (Dubbo) who scored a highly impressive 101 as a left hand opening batsman and Mac Webster (Cowra) who bowled superbly to capture 5/19 off 7 overs as a right arm opening bowler.

Mac Webster capped his performance by taking a hat trick to bring victory to a jubilant Lachlan team.

The keen efforts, determination and good sportsmanship on show from both teams was a credit to all concerned.

Parkes players Harry Bayliss (37 runs and 1/27, his wicket being that of Tom Coady for 101 with a well flighted off spinner) and Frankland Ross (12n.o and 0/27 off 10 very economical overs of slow spin bowling) should be proud of their efforts.

U12s – Lady Cutler No. 1 ground – 40 overs a side game.

Lachlan 10/115 off 36 overs (Harry Roscarel 79n.o as an opening batsman carried his bat right through the Lachlan innings, Archie Gay 10, Dugald Shepherd 3/13) lost to Macquarie Valley 4/118 in 27.3 overs (Charlie Tink 34, Maddy Spence 2/14 off 3 overs, Riley Keen 1/13 off 7 overs, Harry Jones 1/16 off 4 overs). Macquarie Valley won by 6 wickets.

Obviously the stand out performance in this game was the tremendous effort of Harry Roscarel (West Wyalong) in carrying his bat to score 79n.o.

Harry demonstrated excellent defence and keen concentration plus an ability to dispatch any loose balls. He ran swiftly and sensibly between the wickets. Most certainly Harry Roscarel is a young player of considerable promise.

The Lachlan u16, u14 and u12 teams will play Mitchell Cricket Council at Cowra on Sunday, November 12.

The Grounds will be –

U16s at Holman Oval, Umpires: Greg Nicholls and Glenn Pepper.

U14s at Oliver Oval, Umpires: Mark Ryan and Charlie Johns.

U12s at McPherson Oval, Umpires: Greg Morrissey and Angus McFarland.

Cowra Junior Cricket Association will run a Barbecue and sell cold drinks at Oliver/McPherson Ovals during Sunday’s game.

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