Five times the family love

When little Savannah Madeline Stronach was born on November 15 last year she became the fifth generation in her family, twice. 

Savannah is the great great granddaughter of the late James and the late Valda (Mummar) Osborne of Pearce Street.

James and Valda had four children – Shirley (deceased), Stanley, Robyn and Debby.

Robyn is Savannah’s great grandmother.

Robyn married Patrick Hayes, son of the late Maurice and the late Marlie (Nan) Hayes of Jones Street Parkes who are also Savannah’s great great grandparents.

Robyn (GG) and Patrick (Poppy Pat) had four children – Grant, twins Andrew (deceased) and Nerissa, and Justin.

They divorced 20 years later.

Nerissa (Nanny) is Savannah’s grandmother.

Nerissa married Neil Stronach, son of Neil and Marylyn Stronach of Newcastle.

They have three girls – Ashley, Jessica and Sarah.

Jessica gave birth to Savannah on November 15, 2016, making her the fifth generation on Narissa’s side, twice. 

Sadly, both Valda and Marlie passed away earlier in the year, Valda on June 30 aged 86, and Marlie on July 30 aged 89.

“We all miss them both very much,” Nerissa said. 

“It was very special that Savannah got to spend time regularly with Mummar before she died. 

“Mummar just loved her, her face lit up whenever Savannah came into the room.”

Savannah was Valda’s first great great grandchild.

She had 10 grandchildren and 30 great grandchildren. 

Unfortunately Marlie, who was living on the Gold Coast when she died, had not yet met her second great great grandchild Savannah.

“We made sure she had lots of photos of her to look at,” Nerissa said.

Narissa said Savannah, now almost one, is a happy go lucky kid.

“We all idolise her,” Nerissa said.