Megan Hinchley ranks 10th in the world

Former Parkes woman Megan Hinchley (nee Tanswell) has returned from the 2017 World Powerlifting Championships in the top 10.

The titles – held in Minsk, Belarus between June 14 and 25 – were the 35-year-old’s fourth international competition, competing for Australia, and her second world championships.

Weighing in at just 51.46kg, Hinchley went on to squat 122.5kg, bench press 67.5kg and deadlift 147.5kg.

These lifts placed her 10th in the world for the 52kg weight class.

It was a very proud moment for mum Maree Tanswell.

“Megan performed with all the power, strength and determination she could give on the day,” she said.

“It was my absolute pleasure and delight to watch my beautiful and amazing daughter compete. My heart swelled with pride and admiration and my eyes with tears.

“I am truly honored to be able to travel with her to international competitions and not only cheer for Megan, but for all lifters from Australia and other countries.

“All are champions in their own right.”

Although Hinchley missed her first attempt in the squat, she recovered to make the next two attempts. 

“She made a remarkable comeback to equal her PB in both the bench and the heart wrenching deadlift to finish an amazing 10th in the world,” she said.

Now back in Australia, Hinchley is setting her focus on the Australian Championships, which will be held in Melbourne in October.