Pantherettes impress after loss

The Parkes Panthers women's AFL team are going from strength to strength in the CWAFL Women's Competition.
The Parkes Panthers women's AFL team are going from strength to strength in the CWAFL Women's Competition.

With the CWAFL women's competition in full swing, the Parkes Panthers women's team are going from strength to strength.

The AFLW is very much in the lime light and now is the time to jump on board the ever growing women's format.

That's what club President Marc Ralph is advocating.

“Of course we would love to have a men's team, but myself and the club are ecstatic that the women's code has taken off on our door step.” Ralph said.

“With the men out, we are able to concentrate 100 percent on our girls and concentrate on giving them the best introduction to the game.”

The Panther Women have not disappointed, harnessing the game and improving on every outing.

Run under the eyes of the Panther Men's Evan and Jonty Ralph, the latter can't praise the ladies enough for the effort in how, as a collective, they have grappled with the often confusing game.

“We are currently 1-3 (w-l),” Jonty said.

“Evan and I knew that the league would be a couple of years ahead of us.

“Given some of the score lines from last year, we didn't set out to win game straight away.

“We have focused on developing a group of women, who want to try something new, and have fun.”

The Pantherettes have played Young, Bathurst and Orange with Young being the first game and first victory.

Score lines have varied since then with big steps of improvement.

“We have been lucky to inherit some ladies who have been around the game before, playing or not it is a massive bonus,” Jonty said.

Alex Briton and Penny Baker have been big contributors in the first season with Lauren Andrews really showing her ability through the midfield.

“Ev and I are really happy with the way that Natalie Bignell puts in on the track, Jonty said. 

“Nat is really influential with the group and shows her leadership come game day.”

Ashleigh Sense and Katie Hetherington have showed huge improvement with every game played.  

“We are happy to be improving, and we are happy that we are probably further ahead than anticipated but we are looking forward to development over a long time.”

The girls will travel to Cowra this week with high hopes to topple the Blues and register another win.

The Panther’s train on Tuesday and Thursday night from 6pm and all are invited to have a run around.