Parkes Day VIEW Club April meeting

Our Guest Speaker for our April meeting was Sandra Milling, who is very knowledgeable about arthritis, its causes and treatment.  

After the General Meeting, and after we had eaten our two course luncheon at the Aastro Dish restaurant, we settled in to learn about the 120 types of arthritis that could affect us.

Sandra spoke of the various types of this ailment, and how it can impact on our health, whether we are young or old. It was very enlightening to hear how we can pick up that we ourselves, or our family members, are suffering from one or another of this malady.

Many of the 35 members and guests identified with the symptoms that Sandra discussed that are associated with the affliction of arthritis. I can say that I am one of these folks!  

Sandra was also kind enough to have information sheets to be handed out that detailed even more about causes, treatment, and care of a person who has a form of this complaint.  

The attending members were very complimentary about the information Sandra was able to give in her talk, answering their questions, and was available in the handouts.

One piece of advice that Sandra gave us was – Keep Moving! Keep Active!

She brought up how we can gain support from a local organisation.

Although the Parkes Arthritis Support Group will not meet during April, due to the ANZAC Day holiday, they will have a Social Meeting on May 30, at the Pink Orchid Cafe.  

The Support Group usually meets on the last Tuesday of each month at 10am.

Sandra is the contact person for this organisation: 6863-4904, if you would like to join them.

Also, there is a pain management seminar that is coming up this month here in town.

I’m sure Sandra can give you more details about this event, too.

It is good to know that there is a group here in town that gathers for educational presentations and social support for the affliction that many of us suffer.

There were several members who celebrated April birthdays, so we sang to them and gave them handfuls of chocolates.  

This celebration happens each month, even though I haven’t reported it before.  

This is part of our “social” activities at our Meetings. (All our members are 21 years old, and a few months, of course.)

We also gave out awards to ladies who had worn some lovely Easter Bonnets.  

Of course, it was more chocolates!

And we handed out a certificate for First Place Winner Elvie Collins, and Second Place Winner Sister Flo Kinsela. The Third Place winner was Vicki Archer and Adrienne Bradley received an Honourable Mention. 

Next month, we will celebrate Mother’s Day, thanking all the women who are in our lives, whether mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts or cousins, who have helped us mature, and who supported us in life.

The word VIEW stands for Voice, Interests and Education of Women.  

Our various activities reflect this.  

We also raise awareness of and participate in the work of the Smith Family.  

If you would like to join us at our Meetings, please look for the advert in the Champion Post about the details of our next Meeting on Tuesday, May 2.  

Contact our Secretary Pamela (6862 4552) to book in for the luncheon at the Aastro Dish Restaurant.