Alectown hosts its Annual Interdenominational Thanksgiving Church Service

Alectown Soldiers Memorial Hall at Alectown.
Alectown Soldiers Memorial Hall at Alectown.

The Alectown District is getting together again at theAnnual Interdenominational Thanksgiving Church Service to be held at the Alectown Soldiers Memorial Hall on Sunday, October 30, at 4pm.

The district gathers together at this time just prior to harvest commencing, to give thanks and praise for God’s wonderful provisions and seek His blessing on the forthcoming harvest.

This year has been an exceptional year with well above average rainfall, which brings new trials.

Most years we seem to be asking for rain, but this year looks like the opposite, so will be asking for guidance and maybe patience to deal with the situation.

Other areas for thanksgiving are often covered and this year the speaker is going to be Kitty Dwyer, a former Alectown resident who now resides in Parkes.

She will speak about her volunteering work in and around Parkes.

The service gives the people in the district a chance to get together and communicate with one another in a wonderful time of fellowship over a cup of tea afterwards.