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Beautiful Boards: Outstanding teaching and learning facilities, every child matters. To learn more visit
Beautiful Boards: Outstanding teaching and learning facilities, every child matters. To learn more visit

Did you see that?

Saddle Up: Tiarne Rusten on Red, Laura Rusten on Cruiser, Jorja Rusten on Shadow, Phoebe Wright on Belle.

Saddle Up: Tiarne Rusten on Red, Laura Rusten on Cruiser, Jorja Rusten on Shadow, Phoebe Wright on Belle.

Did you see it? I was walking down the main street of Trundle and I saw it. As shown in the picture, the Trundle Central School has a community notice board located outside our pub. On the right you will see the school notices but on the left is what I find really interesting!

There you will see a beautiful display of students art work, clearly showing the creativity of our local young people. Don't get caught in the obvious look behind it. Here we have another demonstration of the team at Trundle Central School going above and beyond. Actively promoting our young people creativity into our community.

Up until now students artwork get made and taken home with personally knowing each student I would never see there creations. This story gets deeper with the boards themselves as they were created by last years carpentry students learning how to and now are a living demonstration of the carpentry skills they will have for the rest of there lives.

Pony Club 

Welcome back Trundle Pony Club to our second rally day of the year.  The racecourse is looking loved again after the summer holidays and will be sparkling for our gymkhana and ABBA.

We had four riders saddle up for our rally day. We started slowly with two new horses. Then the riders did some exercises in the dressage arena to familiarise themselves with the letters again in readiness for all the gymkhanas coming up.

We then practiced troop drill for the Light Horse Team of four event at our gymkhana which is on Sunday, April 8.

A big thank you to those who came on Sunday and everyone who has helped keep the garden and lawn looking lush over the break. We will next see our riders at the Eugowra Pony Club Jumping Sporting and Dressage Day on Sunday March 18.

Ducks for win

Trundle Ducks take out the Forbes Cricket A grade. Trundle ended 2017 glowing as the Boomers First Grade team took out the Woodbridge Cup and in true style it has started the year by taking out the Forbes Cricket A grade competition at the weekend in Forbes.

“Last time we saw a double win was back in 1992, it’s been a big year in sport for the community and we have never been short on supporters.” said Mick Skinner.

With a supporters bus and full carloads travelling across from Trundle to show their support and encourage the boys across the line in a tight game. Mr Skinner said its been great heading down to Berryman Oval on a Saturday afternoon to watch the cricket with local hero Adam Hall leading the top run count at 76.”

A big shout out to Blake Ridges on an outstanding coaching job and to all the players who jumped in during the season to make a stella year of cricket for Trundle. Well Done Ducks!! Trundle Boomers will hit the oval again on Sunday, April 8.


Wings out West Paragliding Competition will be based at Trundle from March 9 to 13. If you are in the Trundle district and look up over the next five days, you may see flying men!  No you are not dreaming! Trundle is about to become the epicentre of Australian Paragliding!

Thirty five pilots from around Australia and overseas will be launching from a paddock near Trundle to fly around a course to compete for flatland gliding glory. If you want to meet and greet any of these brave souls you are welcome to attend a bush dance/supper on Sunday night,  March 11, from 7:30pm at the Trundle Showground.  

The Wings out West is Australia’s first ground tow paragliding competition. Pilots will be towed to around 800 metres above ground where they will release from tow and then fly a challenging air navigation course using GPS technology.   

The towing technology has been developed by a Dubbo local, Phillip Mansell of Fly Dubbo and is used at most flight training facilities around Australia. Paragliders are minimalist aviation aircraft made from specialised textiles and in the shape of the steerable parachute. There is no motor on a paraglider. 

To fly a paraglider, pilots are required to be licensed, receive specialist training and to maintain their rating each year. The paraglider pilots are able to stay aloft by riding rising currents of air – sometimes to the base of clouds and sometimes even higher around 3kms off the ground.  

The skill requires pilots to be able to identify the location of the rising currents (thermals) by looking for clues on the ground and in the air.  The wedgetail eagle is a great indicator of thermals, but if they become angry they can present a threat to integrity of the aircraft. 

The navigation tasks take them to designated GPS turn points and will require the pilots to generally fly for three-four hours and cover up to 50-100 km. Pilots score points for being the fastest to the designated GPS goal mark. The Wings out West competition will run over five days. For more details about this event please contact Jen Kelly 0417 697 770.

RSL Sub Branch

The Trundle Sub Branch meets bi monthly at the Memorial Hall at 3pm (on the even month). The AGM was held in February 2018 and the follow members were elected to serve as the committee for 2018: President, Paul Hevers. Vice Presidents, Colin Wheeler and Andrew Rawsthorne and Secretary/Tres: Tony Skinner. Do you want to become a member: Contact the Trundle Sub Branch  PO Box 5 TRUNDLE NSW 2875.


The annual Tullamore Irish Music Festival. In 2018 The Tullamore Irish Music Festival is celebrating the best of two great cultures. John Williamson will flying the Australian flag with a two hours concert on Saturday afternoon.  And flying the Irish flag is the Barley Shakes, Maria Ford and Blackwater Irish Band.

As well as great music the festival also Irish Food, Irish dancing and a shearing demonstration. The festival runs from Good Friday evening and all day easter Saturday. Tickets are $60 for the entire weekend and kids under 18 are free. Stay the weekend and camp under the amazing stars and get into the Irish Spirit. Visit