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What does Mum really want for Mother's Day?

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Photo by Shutterstock.

It's crunch time and Mum's the word for Sunday, May 12.

With Mother's Day fast-approaching, I've summoned my unstoppable Mum (and the fabulous maternal figures in my life) to reflect on what they genuinely wish for on Mother's Day in 2024.

This year, I've scaled the depths of Amazon's gift database (so you don't have to) to share the most dependable gifts that are guaranteed to make mum feel extra special this Mother's Day.

So, what do mothers really want this Mother's Day?

The honest answer is there's no one-size-fits-all - sorry to disappoint.

However, if you're looking for a gift to give to mum, a good place to start is with her current interests.

While it would be impossible to aggregate the interests of all mothers into one go-to gift guide, I've devised a list of the trending interests among mums and by extension, women in 2024.

And if you don't know what your mum is currently interested in, that's OK. My Mum's advice is "just ask her!"

Mother's Day is, after all, a great time to show thoughtfulness and ask questions.

The wellness warrior

Generally speaking, wellness gifts make for popular Mother's Day presents.

Who doesn't love a relaxing bath or a new fluffy pair of slippers?

Wellness gifts are also a great way to encourage mums to carve out the time and space to really prioritise herself and enjoy some self-care time.

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Give mum a good excuse to kick up her feet with this bath caddy tray for the ultimate afternoon of quiet time and relaxation.

Customise your own bundle of wellness items for Mum, such as a magnesium bath soak, cleansing oil and body milk, and wrap it all up in a delightful gift box. Add an aromatherapy candle and a nice glass of bubbles for extra brownie points!

The bright bookworm

This kind of mum loves to escape into the imaginative world of fiction or read the latest in non-fiction, such as travel literature, historical essays and self-help books, all while curled up on the couch.

Whether your mum is a voracious reader or wants to start reading more, a book or reading tool is a gentle gift she is bound to enjoy.

Even the great Jane Austen once said, "I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library."

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon

The Complete Works of Jane Austen is actually a timeless place to start.

Each book involves a love story and is carefully woven with the wit and insight that is so characteristic of Jane Austen's writing.

Of course, Jane Austen may not appeal to all mums.

My tip for choosing an appropriate book is to consider the last conversation you had with your mum. What did she want to talk about? What took her interest? What's on her mind?

These kinds of questions can be a great start to finding a book that will appeal to her.

It can also be a great way to explain the thought process behind your gift and the ways in which it directly relates to your relationship.

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon

If you're still stumped on ideas for a book, I suggest looking through Amazon Editors' Choice for a curated selection of recommendations, including Reese Witherspoon's favourite recent reads.

And for people who crave convenience, a Kindle is a popular gift idea.

With a Kindle, your mum can independently choose her own books, and at a fraction of the price of a paperback or hardcover.

Not sure if Kindle is your mum's thing? Read our article Why I am a Kindle convert to assess whether it's for her.

The active mum

If your mum is into yoga, team sports, or in the case of my Mum, an aqua aerobics session at the local pool, then she will probably enjoy an upgrade to her current gear.

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon

These dual-tone yoga mats are popular among Amazon shoppers, and for good reason.

These mats are also non-slip with optimal padding that makes them comfortable on the knees (big tick!)

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon

If she loves her yoga, she will likely be familiar with the practice of using yoga blocks.

These ones are a great addition to the dual-tone yoga mat, as they can be colour coded to make a matching set.

The crafty queen

Should your mum be anything like mine and her sister, she will know the joy of working on a craft project.

Arts and crafts can take many forms and expressions.

And there are certainly benefits to arts and crafts, many of which we learned during the pandemic in 2020.

According to Creative Australia, almost half of Australians said that creative activities and experiences helped with their mental health or wellbeing during the pandemic.

It is important to know that your mum doesn't have to be an expert at arts and crafts to get started.

She doesn't even have to be good.

Some popular arts and crafts activities include painting, pottery, embroidery or working with sustainable materials to create items like tote bags or unique carriers for indoor plants.

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon

A pre-bundled oil painting kit provides mums with a convenient way to explore their creative side.

There are plenty of beginner and advanced level craft products on Amazon that mums can enjoy on their own, with friends, or as a bonding activity with you on Mother's Day.

In my experience, even if the crafty creation is a total flop, it at least provides some comic relief to whoever is unfortunate enough to lay eyes on it!

The chef de partie

For the aspiring or master chef mums out there, sometimes there's nothing better than receiving the latest cookbook if it means they can experiment with a new recipe or skill.

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon

You simply can't go wrong with Julia Child's cookbook, Julia's Kitchen Wisdom.

What's unique about this edition is that it's full of essential cooking techniques from Julia Child's lifetime as a chef.

These practical tips can help give you the basic skills to turn an average meal into a fine dining experience.

If cooking is the last thing on mum's agenda for Mother's Day, here's our local guide for the best Mother's Day lunch venues in Canberra.

Need more ideas?

Head over to the Amazon website to check out their Mother's Day catalogue for 2024.

And remember to tell your mum you love her.