Liz, Rhona our champions after hard-fought women's bowls pairs final

Winter sports are in full swing with our weather giving definite signals that season is on its way!

As the starting whistle blew last Tuesday, all players bought their ticket to enter the "spider" competition. Lucky Maureen M ended up closest and bagged the cash!

Kick-off was at 10 am and all teams were in uniform and warmed up. Ground Control had the field in tip- top condition, ready for some heavy scrum action!

The first-grade match was the Final of the Major Pairs between Cherie Frame and Betsy Johnstone and Liz Byrne and Rhona Went on Field 5.

Most ends, the heads were tight, with fabulous bowls from both teams, and numerous touchers rolled down.

Spectators were kept on the edge of their grandstand seats as the match progressed. The score remained close throughout, as each player took time to pull up their socks and adjust their bifocals!

Grippo tubes ran dry as Liz and Rhona were declared the winners after 21 ends. Tremendous bowling ladies, it's a shame one team had to be second, and congratulations to 2022 champions, Liz and Rhona!

Thanks to Geoff F for umpiring and running sidelines.

Social matches had the Dolphins, Hilda McPh/Lynn Ryan/Rose Mitchell gaining good metres on Field 2 to reach the line ahead of the Barracudas, Robyn Morgan/Di Howell/Eileen Bradley/Maureen Baillie.

A one-point penalty decided the winner on Field 3 as the Saints, Frances Charlton/Carol Reed/Heather Harvey met the in-form Swans, Isabel Svensden/Lorraine Baker/Maureen Miller. The Swans flew high.

Full-time and Maureen had the water and oranges ready. Bless her!

Di, Frances, Eileen and Isabel all tucked cash into their kit bags after the 100's draw.

Round One of the Club Triples must be played on or before May 17:

  • R Mitchell/R Went/L Byrne vs C Reed/V West/M Willcockson
  • H Harvey/M Miller/J Simpson vs K Craft/M Rodgers/J McPhee
  • M Iffland/B Johnstone/C Frame - Bye
  • C Curteis/L Baker/E Miller - Bye

Tuesday, May 17, to play social bowls, please call the club, 68621446, between 9 - 9.30, with play to commence at 10 am. New players and visitors always welcome!

Social: Kay Craft