Winners announced for Parkes' Waste 2 Art competition; exhibition opens

The Parkes Waste 2 Art Community Art Exhibition was officially opened in the Parkes Library and Cultural Centre on May 31, with the winners also announced in what was a sterling evening for all involved.

Deputy mayor, councillor Barbara Newton, announced the winners of each category, who each received a prize and certificate.

Waste 2 Art's aim is to challenge peoples' perceptions about 'rubbish' and to celebrate the reuse and recycling of waste through arts and crafts.

It provides an innovative approach to waste education, with residents, schools and community groups taking up the challenge to create a new life for materials that would otherwise have been thrown away.

The exhibition is open until Friday June 26, with just a gold coin donation for entry required.


Building sculpture 2D: 'Barugil' - Middleton Public School

Building sculpture 3D: 'Chook RV' - Rex Veal

Open sculpture 2D: 'My old cot quilt' - Elsie Mahon

Open 3D: 'Bloody linen dresses' - Helen Standen

Open functional: 'Old scrap lamp' - Deb Jones

Community functional: 'Showers of enlightenment' - Ian Rowe

High school 3D: 'Jeff' - Blake McMahon

High school functional: 'Time in chains' - Trundle Central School school to work program

Primary school 2D: 'Rainbow magazine' - Armani Reidy

Primary school 3D: 'Viking ship' - Elijah Cole

Primary school functional: 'Fruitilicious' - Kelsey Finnegan

SimmsMetal special category (Metal winner overall): 'Bloody Linen Dresses' - Helen Standen

Yearly theme award: 'Patio flowers' - Meredith Barber

Highly commended​

Open sculpture 2D: 'The fish trap' - Ronda Sharpe

Open 3D: 'The body' - Miranda Barnes

Open functional: 'Allumination' - Sharon Presig; 'Under the sea planter' - Paula Sutherland

High school 3D: 'The recycled sitting thinker' - Ben Mortimer; 'Toy dozers' - Trundle Central School

Primary school 2D: 'Warped waste' - George Hendry

Primary school 3D: 'Piggy drinks' - Alana Finnegan

Congratulations to all those acknowledged!