Parkes and District junior soccer season to kick-off this Saturday

READY TO KICK OFF THE 2021 SEASON: Spencer Draper playing for the under 17 Rovers in 2020. This year promises to be even better. Photo: Jenny Kingham.
READY TO KICK OFF THE 2021 SEASON: Spencer Draper playing for the under 17 Rovers in 2020. This year promises to be even better. Photo: Jenny Kingham.

Junior soccer returns this Saturday at the Harrison Park Complex in Parkes, and all the teams have been announced and the draw released.

The canteen will be running, and volunteers are still required between 12-12.30pm - any interested persons can see a committee member. In addition to the canteen, a coffee van will be at the grounds from 11.30am to purchase coffee and shakes.

COVID-19 rules apply - so parents, carers, players and spectators are reminded to use the QR code to sign in and out.

Players are asked to be ready for their games at least 10 minutes prior, and payment for socks and fees will be accepted.


Round 1 draw

  • 12.15pm - Tigers vs Peak Hill White at Harrison Park (HP) 1
  • 12.15pm - Lions vs Peak Hill Black at HP 2
  • 12.15pm - Cheetahs vs Cougars at HP 3
  • 1.15pm - Panthers vs Leopards at HP 1
  • 1.15pm - Jaguars vs Peak Hill Blue at HP 2

Tigers: Aj Van Wyk, Caleb Peden, Tom Powyer, Jaxon Miller, Stephanie Flemming, Harrison Flemming, Lilou Macdouall. Coach/Manager -Aiden Van Wyk.

Lions: Tyler Jones, Kiarah Edwards, Ezra Hodges, Lucas Jones Carter Bateson, Ella Cohen, Louella Kennaugh, Talisha Lennox. Coach/Manager -Alec Bateson

Cheetahs: Jayden Skillin, Saxon Littlewood, Emry Cassidy, Charlie Crowe, Heath Charlesworth, Milla Harris. Coach/Manager -Bec Charlesworth

Panthers: Ryan Swindle, Willow Mulligan, Amelia Frogley, Jaxon Ross, Huxley Draper, Jayda Francis, Isabella Smeaton. Coach/Manager - Kristy Baker

Jaguars: Eli Thompson, Iylah Hood, Ivy Dickerson, Taitum Kobezda, Birdie White, Malakye Behsman, Huxley Guess. Coach/Manager - Rhiannon Guess.

Leopards: George Yelland, Oliver Wilkinson, Chase Hartley, Seth Sense, James Swansbra, John Mcconnell, Ryan Thapa. Coach/Manager - Leanne Swansbra.

Cougars Archie McIntrye, Ashton Albert, Mason Wild, Arthur Honner, Jayden Draw, Harmony Gustowski, Archie McIntyre. Coach/Manager - Travis McIntyre

Peak Hill Shooting Stars Black: Nova Brown, Ashley Harris, Lucy Newbegging, Josie Newbegging, Mackenna Wetherell, Mackay Brown.

Peak Hill Shooting Stars White: Kyza Dargin, Rory Tremain-Cannon, Olivia Sutherland, Hinley Handcock, Cooper Handcock, Theo Barlow.

Peak Hill Shooting Stars Blue: Blue Mahaliaha Dawson, Kheaigha Dawson, Maggie-May Morris, Ernie Morris, Tayte Merritt, Airlee Atkinson, Jaleesa Saddle-Keed.


Round 1 draw

  • 1pm - Eagles vs Peak Hill at HP 8
  • 1pm - Hawks vs Emus at HP 9
  • 2pm - Budgies vs Magpies at HP 8
  • BYE: Falcons

Peak Hill Shooting Stars: Lilyanah Pearce, Mila Harris, Rose Beeby, Peyton Stevenson, Millaka Dawson, Ivy Pearce, Sloan Tremain-Cannon, Cassius Solomon, Ace Bell, Shianne Austin.Coach/Manager - Martika Edwards

Eagles: Levi Reidy, Lawson Roberts, Emily Wild, Cooper Logan, Rylee Hair, Chase Wirth, William Swansbra, Payton Kelly, Hadley Brazel. Coach/Manager - Brad Kelly

Hawks: Tyler Cowling, Jackson Cowling, Riley Miller, Max Crowe, Arlo Cassidy, Jaxon Harmer, Charlie Longhurst, Elijah Cole, Sahara Potts, Florence Crawley-Watson. Coach/Manager - Phil Cole

Falcons: Bentley McGuire, Ted Dugan, Max Hackett, Bea Tomson, Sienna Piyatissa, Jaylen Lovegrove, Margaret Mcconnell, Izaac Gibson. Coach/Manager - Anne Lovegrove

Budgies: Sam Yelland, Jordan Todd, Lewis Todd, Logan Cape, Axle Dickerson, Mason Hutchins, Tom Wilkinson, Isabelle Anderson, Olivia Batt, Jayden Finn. Coach/Manager - Jeff Todd

Magpies: Rory Barnden, Finlay Guess, Koby Zagrovic, Eli Cambourn, Ryan James, Hughie Witherow, Emmi Smith, Piper Lawrence, Deakin Monkerud, Sophie Pearce, Malakye Hohnberg. Coach/Manager - Simon Monkerud

Emus: Priya Kinsela, Harry Clark, Ryan Strudwick, Riley Todd, Ivy O'Donoghue, Nicholas Davis, Ethan Ritchings, Kobe Gustowski, Hayden Jones. Coach/Manager - David Ritchings

A reminder of the uniform requirements.

A reminder of the uniform requirements.


Round 1 draw

  • 12pm - Roar vs Peak Hill at HP 4
  • 12pm - United vs Glory at HP 5
  • 1pm - Mariners vs Wanderers at HP 4
  • BYE: Jets

Roar: Jacob McIntyre, Patrick Kite, Peter McIntyre, Bailey Wynstra, Ethan Drew, Ethan Luke, Elly Downes, Decklyn Gibson, Navaeh Pritchard, Callum Underwood, Colin (CJ) Woods, Aaryab Gautum. Coach/Manager - Jodie McIntyre

United: Rhys, Hutchins, Tyler Griffith, Chase Francis, Shelby Skerman, Jeanie White, Jonathan Wilkinson, Benjamin Anderson, Timmy Longhurst, Zoe Freeman, Ave Pearce, Cooper Charlton-Little, Anabelle Cottier. Coach/Manager - Christine Scully/Adam Cottier

Mariners: Finlay McGregor, Lilah Smith, Jack Dunford, Kye Kinsela, Aliza Roberts, Addison Wild, Charlotte Masling-Francie, Carter Brazel, Kyla Jones, Lockie Jones, Ryker Moore, Cooper Jones. Coach/Manager - Toni Kinsela

Jets: Braxtin Mulligan, Toby Morgan, Benjamin Reeves, Jacob Swindle, Finlay Roberts, Flynn Oram, Harrison Oram, Tyler Roberts, Hayley Hodges, Liam Strudwick, Logan Wyburn, Isla Miller. Coach/Manager - Jenni Harmer

Wanderers: Aiden Van Der Merwe, Hamish Newham, Ned Hewes, Ruby Hackett, Rory Fisher, Cooper McGuire, Jackson Adam, Charlotte Wilson, Arabella McCutcheon, Oliver Reynolds, Ruby Galvin, Luca Barnes. Coach/Manager - Stephen Van Der Merwe

Glory: Angus Jones, Mathew Moon, Tyson Smith, Cooper Lynch, Jamie Psaila, Ryan Went, Reilly Mackenzie, Sophie Skillin, Logan Hamood, Ethan Reeves, Archie Higgins, Cameron Strudwick. Coach/Manager - Sarah Smith

Peak Hill Shooting Stars: Kale Cohen, Billy Pearson-Obrien, Tyler Hando, Tiashayla Dawson, Kaileh Ross, Jasmine Pearce, Azaria Dargin-Miller, Dakota Wright, Noah Beilby, Deken Clark, Jailah Soloman. Coach/Manager - Martika Edwards



Round 1 draw

  • 12.15pm - Victory vs Peak Hill at HP 11
  • 1.45pm - Power vs Warriors at HP 10
  • 1.45pm - Olympic vs Strikers at HP 11

Victory: Chelsea Baker, Maicey McGuire, Poppy Fisher, Hannah Terry, Ashley Terry, Lilly Bell, Harry Yelland, Boyd Hutchings, Lachlan McGregor, Daniel Anderson, Hudson McGuire, Charlotte Moon, Evie Barnes. Coach/Manager - Steve McGuire.

Olympic: Erin Waters, John-Tian Waters, Jackson Reeves, Indianna Kennedy, Chelsea McMaster, Ashley Trim, Tamika Meers, Joel Downes, Jaid Neilsen, Marcus Hughes, Saxon Guess, Judan Pearce. Coach/Manager - Nerina Waters.

Power: Lianna Ritchings, Annabelle Nash, Riley Jones, Max Jones, Milly Witherow, Abigail Breaden, Declan Quade, Kane Dickerson, Joshua Sutton, Epi Gandi. Coach/Manager - Louise Witherow.

Warriors: Logan Roberts, Oliver Neilsen, Finlay Quince, Nate Henry, Lyla Miller, Laura Pritchard, Pheobe Longhurst, Hayley Lawrence, Charlie Sole, Lilyanne Cotter, Miller Brazel, Zavier Jones, Olivia Mulligan. Coach/Manager - Mitch Roberts.

Strikers: Layla Kupkee, Heidi Jones, Olivia McIntyre, Izabelle Terrill, Isabella Batt, Lachlan Montgomery, Jacob Cowie, Jack Greenland, Johan Smit, Hannah McIntyre, Matthew Fredericks, Piper White, Miley Montgomery. Coach/Manager - Jacquelyn Greenland.

Peak Hill Shooting Stars: Sharntelle Schnitger, Michael Redpath, Bailey Dart, Zane Pearson-O'Brien, Taliyah Keed-White, Lucas Edwards, Khalia Solomon, Haidin Hodge, Dominic Frogley. Coach/Manager - Kelly Edwards.


Round 1 draw

  • 12.15pm - Rovers vs Stallions at HP 10
  • 12.15pm - Wolves vs Peak Hill at HP 6
  • 12.15pm - Rangers vs Thunder at HP 7

Wolves: William Lamond, Patrick Kupkee, Charlie Summerhays, Jake Dunn, Spencer McGuire, Charlie Cowie, Zane Cheema, Brooke Pinkstone, Holly Chalmers, Maddison Spence, Lachlan Unger, Ruby Wilson, Lillian Kealley-Smith. Coach/Manager - Chris Kupkee.

Rangers: Liam Snyman, Spencer Draper, Jake Sinclair, Riley McMaster, Harrison Kennedy, Harry Vasconcelos, Levi Edwards, Darcey Bell, Paige Reeves, Jemma Underwood, Nikayla Breaden, Harrison Budd, Ava Quade. Coach/Manager - Scott Cusack.

Rovers: Sam Airey, Fraiser Beaton, Kai Airey, Lachlan Kupkee, Laura Jones, Clare Gorton, Sophie McGrath, Lima Freeman, Dean Cotter, Walter Smeaton, Riley Sterland, Thomas Fredericks, Miranda Barnes, Thomas Simpson. Coach/Manager - Mick and Helen Airey.

Thunder: Cooper Towns, Tim Nugyen, Danilo Bottaro-Porter, Thomas Burkitt, Shailey Butt, Belvin Tomson, Gemma Neilsen, Cameron Frogley, Kye Weekes, Lee Piercy, Kasee Skillin, Joshua Richings, Ebony Clarke, Hunter Kriedemann. Coach/Manager - Angela Bottaro-Porter.

Stallions: Charlie Jones, Trudy Richardson, William Tanks, Connor Batt, Karlah Stubbs, Kristin Lennox, Alexander Macgregor, Archer White-Crawford, Kaden Charlton-Little, Jamie Chanthapanya, Jessica Towns, Hunter Judd, Isabella Hughes, Narella McKella, Benjamin Strudwick. Coach/Manager - Kim Lennox.

Peak Hill Shooting Stars: Jackson Austin, Isabella Grace, Eleyce Caldwell, Mollie Barlow, Cooper Dart, Missy Beeby, Dhakota Hando, Ruby Bell, Jada Redpath, Bindi Judd, Jacob Bell, Emma Beeby, India Saint, Pabis MacKenzie, Hannah Austin.


Round 4 draw

  • 1.30pm - Commercial Kookaburras vs Star Hotel Cougars at HP 6
  • 1.30pm - Parkes Leagues Club Raptors vs Railway Bowling Club at HP 7
  • 3.10pm - Forbes Power vs Forbes Wildcats at Botanical Gardens
  • 3.10pm - Cambridge Coyotes vs Peak Hill All Stars at HP 7

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