Parkes emergency services personnel rescue kitten trapped under floorboards

A stray kitten appropriately named Lucky has found a new home with one of its rescuers after it was found trapped under floorboards in a Parkes home.

It nearly was all hands on deck as Parkes' emergency services personnel pulled off the purr-fect rescue last Tuesday, April 20.

East Street resident Stephanie Williams and husband Tony first heard sounds of a kitten in their roof that Sunday before.

After a couple of days of still hearing the animal's cries above them, Stephanie couldn't take it any longer and called for some help.

The Parkes SES first arrived at 4.30pm and worked for two hours but couldn't get to the kitten, so they called Parkes Fire and Rescue NSW.

An infrared camera was used to locate the kitten.

"It was my birthday that day," Stephanie said.

"I had a house full of people but no party," she laughed.

The kitten ended up moving down to under the house, where firefighters and SES volunteers had to lift up the floorboards to rescue it.

It took the whole team four hours in total to get the baby animal out safely.

Firefighter Ebony Wythes adopted the kitten and christened it Lucky.

"It had been a dreadful two days," Stephanie said.

"The kitten would be no more than three weeks old.

"We are eternally grateful to all who helped, we would have had a dead cat otherwise."