Roxanne the Creative Learning Programs Coordinator at Parkes Library and Culture Centre

WELCOME: Roxanne Gallacher is the Parkes Library and Cultural Centre's new Creative Learning Programs Coordinator, having started in the role in December. Photo: Christine Little
WELCOME: Roxanne Gallacher is the Parkes Library and Cultural Centre's new Creative Learning Programs Coordinator, having started in the role in December. Photo: Christine Little

For those who've visited the Parkes Library and Culture Centre since it re-opened in October, would have spotted Roxanne Gallacher working in the refurbished premises.

Roxanne is the new face at the facility, taking on a new role that was created following the establishment of the Makerspace Studio and expansion of the use of the Coventry Room.

Roxanne is the Creative Learning Programs Coordinator and is part of the Parkes Library and Cultural team.

But the 33-year-old is certainly no stranger to the community, having lived here for the last five years.

She grew up in Hillston and is an English and history teacher by trade.

She started working at Peak Hill Central School in 2015 before moving to Trundle Central School mid-2015 until March 2018.

Before coming to the library, Roxanne looked after the administration and marketing, and taught at Musica Arioso, a performing arts studio in Parkes.

She's also the secretary of the Parkes Musical and Dramatic Society.

She started in the new role on December 7, just in time for the inaugural Arts Revival Festival and she's hit the ground running.

"It was a position long sought after in the community," Roxanne said.

"I love it, there's never a dull moment here.

"It's disappointing about the Arts Festival exhibition having to close early [because of flood damage to the premises], that was my debut.

"I helped facilitate the exhibition with an extremely wonderful team of volunteers - such as Margot Jolly, Deb Jones, Elsie Mahon, Pol Cruz, Annette Witherow, Kim Chambers and other great people - and Kerryn and the library team."

It was the collaboration between Parkes Library and Cultural Manager Kerryn Jones and John Bayliss, who was instrumental in the expansion plans for the library, to work out what the role would entail.

John was the Parkes Library branch manager for 12 months at the time of the expansion.

"Because it's a brand new role, we have a blank canvas to spring from, which is very exciting," Roxanne said.

Roxanne wants the community to know the Makerspace Studio is not just an arts space.

"It's all about lifelong learning and intergenerational learning," she said.

"We have plans for a wide range of programs, not just artistic, from workshops to seminars.

"This space is designed for a broad spectrum of people and interest, where you can come and create, where people can learn together and teach each other.

"The Makerspace is everything to everyone, it's a fully flexible space."

For the moment, Roxanne's big focus is on the upcoming Waste To Art competition and exhibition, during which she hopes to run workshops centered around sustainability.

"Things like decluttering and organising your home, that's one idea, or how to make a worm farm. It's not necessarily on how you can create something from cans," she said.

She's looking forward to seeing the community use and resource the Makerspace Studio and is working to raise the profile of STEM education, which is the approach to learning and development in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Roxanne is encouraging the community to put forward any suggestions or ideas for workshops or activities it would like to see take place at the facility.

People can contact her directly by calling 6862 9101 or by email

"No suggestion is unwelcome," she said.

"I'm currently working with council on activities for Youth Week - such as workshops, events and maybe a games day.

"We're looking for another way for our community to connect."

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