Parkes High School's captains, vice captains and prefects for 2021 unveiled

Parkes High School captains, vice captains and prefects for 2021 have been announced.

Eight very talented young leaders have taken the step to lead their school and are keen and enthusiastic to make a difference in leadership positions.

Captains for 2021 are Marites Woods (daughter of Lynn and Barry Woods) and Zayne Ehsman (son of Kirsty and Robert Ehsman).

Vice captains are Elizabeth Hoyle (daughter of Arlene Cassel and Simon Hoyle) and Koby Wirth (son of Lani and Luke Wirth).

And the 2021 prefects are Jessica Tassell (daughter of Zoe Tassell and Peter Tassell), Ruby Dawson (daughter of Robyn and Anthony Dawson), Jacob Chambers (son of Tracey and David Chambers) and Zac Redfern (son of Shonel and Stephen Redfern).

It is hoped that as part of their leadership role the students will attend a senior leadership course early in 2021.

There the students will participate in a number of sessions, including school expectations, school pride and leadership skills, and public speaking essentials.

The senior leadership team will also lead the annual Parkes High SRC leadership day early next year.