Macquarie look to take on looming challenge of Dubbo Bulls derby

Macquarie United Football Club are happy to be taking the reins and building some momentum after securing a win over Parkes this weekend.

The young side overcame their inexperience, and a few rough spots, to tally up four goals on home turf and send them into their mid-week match against the Dubbo Bulls with some real momentum.

Coach Paul Crain credited his team for pulling together to deliver the 4 - 2 victory.


"I thought the boys all played really well together, I was definitely very happy with it," Crain said.

"We were a bit patchy at times, but we were playing really well in those patches and we got the win."

While it's still early days for this year's season, Crain's staying positive about his sides chances and how quickly the players are gelling together.

"We've got a young, relatively new squad that's been put together here so we're still figuring out a few things and getting our combinations to fit together," Crain said.

"It was a really good sign that we had four goals and from four different players as well, and they all came from pretty much right across the field."

"It's a good sign of our form too, the Bulls beat them 4 - 1 and we've just beat them 4 - 2 so we're doing the right things."

Crain's fledgling side won't have much time before they take on their next challenge, an at home derby against the Dubbo Bulls.

The two Dubbo teams meet on Thursday night for a game that Crain is remaining cautious about.

"They're just a quality side, it's a fairly steep task ahead of us," Crain said.

"If we can get anything out of it, then we'll probably be pretty happy however it goes."

The Bulls, who won the lion's share of WPL titles before the competition was shut down in 2012, have also taken a wealth of local titles in recent years.

"I think a big thing in that game is making sure we're taking all the chances that we can get, we missed a few of those last time out and a team like the Bulls aren't going to give you any extra opportunities," Crain said.

"Fewer chances means anything we do have, we have to take."

Crain sees plenty of promise in his side, however, with a deep roster patching over their few injury woes as they begin to figure things out on the field.

"We did score all over last time, mid-field, out back and up front, so that's a good sign," Crain said.

The competition in general, across the board, has been really strong which is good to see early.

Paul Crain

"We're getting a real squad together right now and not just 11 players."

Key amongst the roster last week were Matt Smith, Connor Crain, Jesse Spang and Jarryd Abbott, who each scored a goal.

"Smith scored a really well deserved goal for us."

"Matt Hull as well, he stepped up and has performed although he got injured in Lithgow, we've been lucky in finding a lot of like for like players we can slot in at the moment."

Macquarie meet the Bulls at 6.30pm on Lady Cutler.

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