Parkes Junior Cricket | Lachlan Cricket Council u14 and u12

UNDER 10S: Quentin Spice bats for Parkes Colts in a game against Parkes Crushers. Photo: Jenny Kingham.
UNDER 10S: Quentin Spice bats for Parkes Colts in a game against Parkes Crushers. Photo: Jenny Kingham.

Results for February 21 - 22

Under 17s: Parkes Cats 9/156 (Geordie Duncan 35 n.o, Harry Bayliss 31 n.o, Artie Purcell2/23, Hunter Hawke 1/2, best fielder - Ben Cooper) defeated Condobolin 7/113 (Frankland Ross 28 n.o, Tyson Smith 23 n.o and 3/11, Noah Nash 2/19, best fielders - Noah Nash and Ernie Peterson). Parkes Colts 8/120 (Zayne Ehsman 27, Joseph Tanswell 22 and 2/19, Darcy Dawson 2/5, best fielder - Zac Larkins) defeated Forbes Engineering 10/98 (Talis Hurford 46 and 2/11, Brad Mattiske 12 and 1/6, best fielders - Campbell Rubie and Brad Mattiske). Forbes Achesons had the bye.

Under 14s: Parkes Colts 3/111 (Jack Milne, 32 n.o, Jake Dunn 27 n.o, Kade Ticehurst 1/9, Aiden Rayner 1/15, best fielders - Connor Batt and Sam Rayner) defeated Parkes Cats 4/77 (Harry Jones 25 n.o, Ewan Moody 21 n.o and 1/8, Harry Kennedy 1/4, best fielders - Noah Pearce and Zac Pearce). Forbes Livestock 4/87 (Jonah Little 17, Joe Ellison 15, Toby Jarrick 3/10, Hugh Mackay 2/9, best fielders - Harry Whitty and Hugh Mackay) defeated KMWL 8/67 (James Burton 24 and 1/6, Joe Nicholson 8, Sam Schrader 1/7). Forbes Bernardis had the bye.

Under 12s: Parkes Colts 5/114 (Harry Yelland 32 and 2/7, Eamon Moody 10, Henry Kross 1/5, Braedon Gibson 1/5, Memphis Ross 1/5, best fielders - Henry Kross and Boyd Hutchins) defeated Parkes Cats 7/53 (Tom Ball 10 and 0/8, Callum Rowbotham 7, Anderson Ball 0/9, best fielders - Tom Ball and Bill Mahon). Hazell & Field 136 (Max Hazell 31 and 2/7, Cameron Gordon 22 and 3/2 with a hat trick, best fielder - Ned Glasson) defeated Forbes Sportspower 44 (T Browne 12, J Smith 6 and 2/17, T Livermore 0/19, best fielder - T Browne). Forbes Adept Plumbing 5/97 (Ash Kennedy 36, Marcus Hardy 20 and 1/5, Tom Whitty 4/6, best fielder - Dempsey O'Connell) defeated Walkers Ag'N'Vet ?? (Stirling Francis 15, Zara Bruem 7, Maddox Bruem 3/17, Reece Matheson 1/5, best fielders - Marcus Colvin and Zara Bruem).

Under 10s: Parkes Colts 77 (Aiden O'Keefe 12, Sam Yelland 10, Fletcher Matthews 1/5, Billy Dawson 1/8, best fielder - Harvey O'Keefe) defeated Parkes Crushers 62 (Harry Smede 9, Ethan Luke 7 and 2/12, Billy Symington 3/5, best fielders - Harry Smede and Eligh Symington). Parkes Cats versus Parkes Raptors - Despite the best efforts of PDJCA Publicity Officer, no evidence of a match result could be found in the scorebooks.

Draw February 28 - 29

Friday game begin at 6pm, players need to be there by 5.45pm.

Under 17s

  • Parkes Colts versus Forbes Achesons at Woodward Oval, Parkes.

Saturday - Games begin at 8.30am, players need to be there by 8.15am.

Under 17s:

  • Forbes Engineering versus Condobolin at South Circle Oval, Forbes.
  • Parkes Cats have the bye.

Under 14s

  • Parkes Colts versus Forbes KMWL at Spicer Oval, Parkes.
  • Parkes Cats versus Forbes Bernardis at North Parkes Oval.
  • Forbes Livestock have the bye.

Under 12s

  • Parkes Colts versus Forbes Adept Plumbing at Morrissey Field, Parkes.
  • Parkes Cats versus Forbes Sportspower at Harrison Park, Parkes.
  • Forbes Ag'N'Vet versus Forbes Hazell & Field at Botanical Gardens, Forbes.

Under 10s

  • Parkes Colts versus Parkes Raptors at Keast 2.
  • Parkes Crushers versus Parkes Cats at Keast 1.

Return of Trophies: With the end of the season coming up it would be appreciated if the Parkes players who received a major Perpetual Trophy: The Kevin Klein Memorial trophy for u17s. The Peter Chambers Memorial trophy for u14s. The Joy Skinner Memorial trophy for u12s. The Nic Fisher Memorial trophy for 12s. The Keeghan Tucker Encouragement Award for Girls. Please return these trophies to Greg Morrissey as soon as possible.

Parkes players do well at LCC Selection Trials: Forbes Junior Cricket Association did a top job in hosting the Lachlan Cricket Council u14 and u12 selection trials on Sunday, February 23 with a splendid barbecue/drinks stall, good wickets and ideal weather prevailing.

Parkes was represented at these trials by u14 - Ryan Dunford, Harry Jones, Jack Milne, Zac Larkins, Harry Kennedy and Liam Freeman, u12 - Ewan Moody, Aiden Rayner, Sam Rayner, Thomas Ball and Kade Ticehurst.

All these players were splendid representatives of Parkes Junior Cricket Association and all gave a good demonstration of their skills and enthusiasm. The following Parkes Players gained selection in the Lachlan teams to play Macquarie Valley at Dubbo on the 1st of March and Mitchell at Cowra on March 8:

Under 14 - Ryan Dunford, Harry Jones and Jack Milne with Zac Larkins and Harry Kennedy named as reserves. Undder 12 - Ewan Moody and Aiden Rayner. Well done to all the above players.