Parkes Junior Cricket | Lachlan u12 Inter-town semi-finals washed out

UNDER 17S: Parkes Cats batsman Ryan Mackenzie was stumped by a Forbes Achesons bowler. Pictured in the background is Forbes wicket keeper Luke McDean. Photo: Jenny Kingham
UNDER 17S: Parkes Cats batsman Ryan Mackenzie was stumped by a Forbes Achesons bowler. Pictured in the background is Forbes wicket keeper Luke McDean. Photo: Jenny Kingham

Results 8/2/20

Under 17s

Parkes Cats 8/101 off 22 overs (Hunter Hawke 21 n.o and 1/8, Harry Bayliss 18 n.o, Ben Cooper 1/1) drew with Forbes Achesons 4/65 off 11.4 overs (Clinton Hooper 16 and 2/10, Luke McDean 20 retired, Brady Nicholls 2/5). Match Drawn due to rain, both teams received 2 points for a washout.

Condobolin 8/100 off 23 overs (Sam Cunningham 23 n.o and 1/5, Ryan Goodsell 20 n.o, Noah Nash 1/3) drew with Parkes Colts 5/57 off 11 overs (Joseph Tanswell 17 n.o and 3/15, Zac Larkins 12 n.o, Jacob Chambers 2/7). Match Drawn due to rain, both teams received 2 points for a washout. Forbes Engineering had the bye.

Under 14s

Forbes KMWL 3/85 (James Burton 23 retired, George Field 11 retired, Joe Nicholson 1/2, Sam Motley 1/2, best fielders - George Field and Tom Glasson) defeated Parkes Cats 6/48 (Harry Jones 22, Oliver Westcott 7 n.o and 1/15, Harry Kennedy 1/15, best fielders - Liam Freeman and Harry Kennedy).

Forbes Livestock 110 (Harry Whitty 21, Hugh Mackey 20, Reg Murray 2/8, Riley Goodsell 1/7, best fielders - Michael Behan and Reg Murray) defeated Forbes Bernardis 6/104 (Tom Maslin 27 n.o, Patrick Ryan 23, Tom Greenhill 0/6, William Mayo 0/8, best fielders - Oliver Mayo and Campbell Ryan). Parkes Colts had the bye.

Under 12s

Parkes Colts 5/99 (Harry Yelland 63 and 2/14, Boyd Hutchins 8, Henry Kross 1/19, best fielders - Henry Kross and Boyd Hutchins) defeated Forbes Hazell & Field 6/98 (Cameron Gordon 32 n.o, Leroy McNamara 14, Angus Pursehouse 2/9, best fielders - Ned Glasson and Max Hazell).

Forbes Ag'N'Vet 90 (R Matheson 21 and 4 wickets, best fielder - L Fraser) defeated Forbes Sportspower 56 (J Browne 13, T Grayson 1 wicket, best fielder - Toby Browne). Game between Parkes Cats and Forbes Adept Plumbing resulted in a draw after rain stopped play. No other results at this time.

Under 10s

Parkes Cats 59 (Tim Longhurst 8, Alfie Rosser 8, Archie Higgins 2/5, Lachie Jennings 1/2) defeated Parkes Crushers 39 (Pippa Westcott 3 and 1/5, Corben Cunningham 2 and 1/7).

Parkes Colts and Parkes Raptors had a combined game with the best scorers/wicket takers being - Jayden Kuun 7 and 2/4 and 1 catch, Jett Clarke 7, Jamison Lee 1/4, Jaxon Clarke 1 catch. Aiden O'Keefe 10 and 1/5, Jack Dunford 8 and 1/2, bets fielders - Fletcher Matthews and Tyler Butt.

Draw for Friday and Saturday

Friday - Game to begin at 6pm, players need to be there by 5.45pm.

Under 14s

Parkes Colts versus Forbes Bernardis at Woodward Oval, Parkes.

Saturday - All games to begin at 8.30am, players need to be there by 8.15am.

Under 17s

Forbes Engineering versus Parkes Cats at South Circle Oval, Forbes.

Forbes Achesons versus Condobolin at Grinstead Oval, Forbes.

Parkes Colts have the bye.

Under 14s

Parkes Cats versus Forbes Livestock at Spicer Oval, Parkes.

Forbes KMWL have the bye.

Under 12s

Parkes Cats versus Forbes Ag'N'Vet at Harrison Park, Parkes.

Parkes Colts versus Forbes Sportspower at Morrissey Field, Parkes.

Forbes Hazell and Field versus Forbes Adept Plumbing at Botanical Gardens, Forbes.

Under 10s

Parkes Cats versus Parkes Colts at Keast 2.

Parkes Crushers versus Parkes Raptors at Keast 1.

Point-score after February 8

After the Monthly meeting on Monday night it was determined by all that a bye will be worth two points so the following point-score has been fully recalculated to include points for byes that have already happened.

3 points = win, 2 points = tie/draw/washout/bye, 1 point = loss, 0 points = forfeit.

Under 17s: Parkes Cats 21, Forbes Achesons 20, Parkes Colts 19, Forbes Engineering 18, Condobolin 12.

Under 14s: Forbes KMWL 23, Forbes Bernardis IGA 20, Parkes Colts 18, Forbes Livestock 18, Parkes Cats 11.

Under 12s: Forbes Adept Plumbing 25, Parkes Colts 22, Forbes Hazell and Field 20, Forbes Ag-N-Vet 16, Forbes Sportspower 14, Parkes Cats 10.

Representative Cricket

All u14 and u12 rep players are reminded to return their Parkes Rep shirts to their team managers asap.

Lachlan Cricket Council u14 Competition

Sunday, February 9 was set down for the final round of the Lachlan u14 Inter-town Competition however due to the rain all games were washed out. The executive of L.C.C. declared the following point-score after February 9.

Dubbo White (4 wins, 1 draw, 0 loss) = 14 points

Dubbo Blue (3 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss) = 12 points(Quotient - 1.60408)

Parkes (3 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss) = 12 points (Quotient - 1.2770)

Condo/West Wyalong (2 wins, 1 draw, 2 loss) = 10 points

Forbes (0 wins, 1 draw, 4 loss) = 6 points

Cowra (0 wins, 1 draw, 4 loss) = 6 points

After Dubbo Blue and Parkes both ended up on 12 points, Dubbo Blue who had the higher quotient ended up going through to the final against Minor Premiers Dubbo White in Dubbo on Sunday, February 16.

Congratulations to all u14 teams in the L.C.C. 2019/2020 competition. Special thanks are extended to coaches Phil Dunford and Shane Jones and to Kerry Spence for scoring.

Lachlan Cricket Council u12 Competition

The Lachlan u12 Inter-town semi-finals (Dubbo White versus Cowra) and (Forbes versus Dubbo Blue) were washed out. Quotients were utilised to determine the venue for the L.C.C. u12 final on Sunday, February 16. Forbes with a quotient of 3.0382 will host the final against Dubbo White who had a quotient of 1.8051.

Well done to all u12 players in the Lachlan u12 Inter-town competition for 2019/2020. Special thanks to Parkes coaches/managers Peter Yelland, Paul Moody and Greg Huthins and scorer Greg Morrissey for their effort during the season.

PHS Open Girls Cricket

After a thrilling victory over Hay High School on Monday, the Parkes High School Girls Open Cricket Team has advanced to the final 4 teams of the NSW CHS Girls Cricket Knock Out. Read the full story here.